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The inevitability of modernity made it essential to enrich the patrimony of FC Porto, with the creation of a modern stadium, that is, at the same time, functional, comfortable and better suited to the demands of football at the highest level, in an excellence that is a constant in the blue and white history. The 2004 European Championship led to FC Porto moving from Estádio das Antas to Estádio do Dragão, designed by architect Manuel Salgado, located just a few hundred meters down the street, taking on the role, with respect for the past and pride in the present, of stage to blue and white achievements.

Estádio do Dragão has a capacity for 50,033 attendants and has unique advantages that, supported by green areas and the restructure of surrounding accesses to the sports complex, residential, and commercial areas, turned it into a new centre of Porto. The stadium is a reference in terms of sports and culture in the city and region.

The opening ceremony on November 16, 2003, had the main event of the friendly between FC Porto and the guest of honour FC Barcelona, a match that the blue and whites won 2-0 (goals scored by Derlei and Hugo Almeida). After that, Estádio do Dragão held the opening match of Euro 2004, opposing Portugal and Greece, and was the stage of an incredible blue and white journey towards European victory, in season 2003/2004.

The stadium has already hosted different events such as the Race of Champions or concerts given by Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Muse and One Direction.