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CTFD PortoGaia

The Centro de Treinos e Formação Desportiva PortoGaia is a face of a new reality for FC Porto. Located at Olival and Crestuma, in Vila Nova de Gaia, this infrastructure it’s a symbol of functionality and modernity.

This project, signed by architect Alcino Soutinho, saw its opening in the summer of 2002 and put F.C. Porto in vanguard of athlete formation and in the front line of professional training. The football teams base their weekly practice in one of the five training grounds of this centre.

The main features of Centro de Treinos e Formação Desportiva PortoGaia can be found in its five training grounds (four with natural grass and one with synthetic grass), in the dressing rooms, in the technical and medic working fields for all the teams, in the training ground with a capacity for two thousand spectators, in its gymnasium and in the Press Centre.