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Dragão Caixa

Dragão Caixa is the worthy successor of the emblematic sports arena Pavilhão Américo de Sá. The new home of handball, basketball and roller hockey is again a product of the vision of the architect Manuel Salgado and capsulates the whole project of the great sports complex of FC Porto, or as the leader of the club calls it: the City of Antas.

Impact, beauty and efficiency are just three aspects to the building, which fits like a glove into this arena concept. Quality, design and efficiency are other complementary perspectives in an outstanding structure, fully geared for the future.

The Dragão Caixa, however, is much more than a simple platform of competition. Its structure allows for the implementation of other activities such as concerts and cultural events. It has equipment and infrastructure support, starting with the transport network and access routes, modern and comfortable stands, VIP rooms and cabins, management and maintenance of intelligent resources, transforming it into an icon capable of environmental certification.

Dragão Caixa was built in a lot of approximately 8.300 square meters, with a maximum capacity of 2,179 seats. The building consists of a main room with foyers and support services for the public, a VIP lounge that may be used independently, support facilities to athletes and an administrative area.


Pavilhão Dragão Caixa
Via FC Porto
4350-450 Porto