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Vitalis Park

The legendary Campo da Constituição, field undeniable placed in the history of FC Porto, accomplished new contours of excellence, now under the name of Constituição Park. The space, which serves as anchor for the project Dragon Force, aims to provide the work of the blue and white young football with state of the art conditions to the complete development of the capacity of athletes when training at the club.

The old clay pitch, which served as home to FC Porto from 1913 to 1952, gave place to a complex of high-level modern infrastructure, comprising a football field of 11 of synthetic grass and a covered football field of 7 of synthetic grass, the innovator Artur Baeta space, administrative services and assistance areas, as well as a Loja Azul and Sports caffe, in addition to modern locker rooms, meeting rooms, Press area, den and a living area for the users of the complex.

Thought in order to mark the daily experience of young players, combining entertainment with a healthy sport practice, the draft of the Constituição Park has the signature of the architect Ludgero Castro.