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FCPORTO has the objective of developing football in a worldwide level, promotingthe sustainable and balanced growth of youngsters, providing a learningenvironment for young players.

Todo so, we want to guide coaches. We want to transmit our mystique and passion.

Wewant to share our methodology and provide our know-how to those who want tolearn with us, and spread the knowledge.

CoachingClinic Topics:

  • Identification with FC Porto´s Culture (Values)
  • Transversal departments
  • Methodological principles
  • FC Porto Game Idea and Style of Play
  • Pratical Coaching

Coaching ClinicProvide:

  • Identification with FC Portoculture and methodological Principles
  • Practical Coaching (observe FC Porto Youth Teams training sessions and learn with the FC Porto coaches)
  • Stadium and Museum by BMG Tour
  • City Tour and dinner in atypical restaurant
  • Watch FC Porto first teammatch in the Stadium
  • Watch FC Porto youth teams andsecond professional Team match