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Dragon Force is an innovative project that, under the motto “You have the power of the Dragon”, is opening new paths in the sporting training in Portugal, for boys and girls, aged four to 14. Breathing in the blue and white culture and soul, and sharing the life of a club made of victories is something that can be experienced with work and fun, with special emphasis on the sustained growth of the youngsters. The identification and perfection of new values for the FC Porto youth squads is as important as helping the students and parents in the growing up process.

The project is manifested in schools of football and three other sports, clinics, vacation camps and road-shows, carrying the FC Porto brand and Dragon Force concept through the country. In 2012, the project extended to the other sports of the club (handball, basketball and roller hockey), and the football school had a later addition with a variant aimed specifically at goalkeepers. The goals are the same: to help students develop sporting competences, aiming, in equal parts, at pedagogic areas, such as nutrition, citizenship and environment, and at acquiring health, culture and leisure habits.

The Dragon Force schools (which, in 2010, received a certificate of quality from the APCER - Associação Portuguesa de Certificação, under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008) start activities in early September, and each season lasts 11 months. The functioning of the schools will only be interrupted on holidays and during the school vacations for Christmas, Easter and in the summer. During these periods, there are Dragon Force vacation camps.