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1. All users of the website who want to register for access to certain functionalities must state and assure, by filling a form, that they:

1.1. Have fully read and understood the privacy policy of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA;

1.2. Know the characteristics, constraints, limitations and flaws of the internet, namely that data and information transfer through the internet occurs with relative technical accuracy, moving in heterogenic networks with different features and technical capacities, which may disturb or interrupt access to specific content in certain moments.

1.3. Acknowledge that any website is passible of being attacked by unauthorized third parties, and that they may be interrupted due to that, and that the information available online is not protected against potential hacks (free access) and possible viruses, and that anyone may connect to a website and/or elements found there, accepting the inherent risks.

1.4. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will not be held responsible for accidental or voluntary damages suffered by the users and caused or not by third parties when accessing data transmitted by the holder of the website or in other websites.

1.5. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is not responsible for any damage that might occur from the use of services, including viruses.

1.6. Accept the risks associated with the activity of web browsing, namely the potential transfer of open data.

1.7. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA discloses its policy for data protection so that users may determine and declare, willingly and consciously, their desire to transmit, or not, their data to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

1.8. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA also informs that personal data inserted by users, through online registration, will be gathered in a digital file for personal data, belonging to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, which will be the responsibility of the company.

1.9. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is the entity responsible for and the target of personal data that may be disclosed during online registration of users of its website, and that data may be disclosed to companies that, directly or indirectly, hold a participation of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, as well as to Futebol Clube do Porto, retaining the same protection and privacy guarantees.

1.10. Data gathered by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will serve to manage contacts of users and clients of the website, registration as associate of Futebol Clube do Porto, campaigns to promote products and services (direct marketing), management of competitions and publicity stunts and agreements for goods or services (sale or provision of online services), by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA or other entities contracted by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

1.11. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA warns that, in order for the user to register accurately, he must agree with and accept the privacy policy of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

1.12. If mandatory fields (properly signalled) are ignored, the mandatory registration to use specific functionalities will be deemed invalid.

1.13. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA includes a space destined to the express manifestation of the will of the user in receiving advertisement. The registration in that space will be considered as consensual that F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA may send new advertising and promotional campaigns by e-mail or other similar means, in accordance with Decree n. 7/2004, January 7, changed by Decree n. 62/2009, March 10 and by Law n. 46/2012, August 29.

1.14. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA informs that users may exercise, freely and at any moment, their rights to access, correct, modify or cancel any of the data associated to them, through the website or by sending a registered letter to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, to the address mentioned above.

1.15. The transmission of personal data for underage users must be done with the previous consent of the legal representatives, who may exercise the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph.

F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA has the right to change its Privacy Policy to adjust to legal or regulation changes or to the guidelines of the National Committee for Data Protection. In this case, F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will announce the changes, indicating properly ahead any changes that will be done, and requesting, if needed, the users to accept the changes.

2. As condition for the use of certain functionalities of the website, a previous registration is needed, with full name, e-mail address, password for the registration, and other additional information, in compliance with the other indications given in the website, when registering.

3. General sale conditions of goods and services
3.1. Contract signing
a) Contracts are signed through the website electronically, in Portuguese.
b) F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will keep in archive the number of orders and the name of the client for 12 months after the order was made, data that the client may access on request through the e-mail, during that period.

3.2. Supplier Identity and Contact; Essential characteristics of goods or servicesa) The identity and address of the supplier, as well as the key features of the goods or services on sale and its price, will be made available in the website.

3.3. Correcting mistakes with the ordera) Any mistakes the client may make during the order can only be corrected if the order has not been confirmed yet, by e-mail to The intended correction will only be deemed validated after written confirmation from F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA of its reception.

3.4. Shipment costs
a) The delivery of orders is subject to payment, by the client, of shipment costs in force at the time of the order.
b) Shipment costs include VAT at the applicable legal rate.
c) When shipping to a country outside of the European Union, the order will be the subject of payment of any Border Fees that may be determined by the source country, and their payment is entirely of the responsibility of the client. If the order is sent back to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA due to lack of payment by the client of such taxes, the client will pay for the costs of re-sending the item ordered.

3.5. Payment sources and means of delivery or execution
a) Depending on the type of product/service/content ordered, the following payment sources will be available: Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard), ATM or MB Phone.
b) Products will be delivered by mail or shipping company at the address indicated by the client when placing the order. Services and content will be adequately provided in accordance to their nature.
c) If the products are not received and are consequently returned to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, the client may personally request the products ordered at the seat of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, up to 60 days, during working days, from 9:30 to 18:00, as long as the note of the order and a valid identification document are provided. Alternatively, the client may contact F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA in written, stating the address to where he would like the products ordered to be re-sent (and then paying, through the sources given in clause 3.5, line b), the updated shipping costs which will be given), and showing proof of the note of order and a valid identification document. After 60 days, F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will consider the products as abandoned by the client and holds the right to destroy or dispose of them as pleased. The client must also be aware that any warranty dates of the products expedited may have expired, as warranty periods start counting from the moment they are expedited for the first time by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, to the client’s address, for which F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA refuses all and any responsibility for any flaw or defect the products may present.

3.6Right to terminate
a) The client has the right to terminate a contract, without payment for compensation and without indicating the reason to terminate, 14 days after the reception of the product.
b) The right to terminate disclosed in the previous line may be done by sending F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, in the period given in the previous line, a registered letter, with notice of reception, stating the desire to terminate the contract.
c) The right to terminate will only be valid and effective if the client returns the products up to 30 days starting from the reception, in the original condition the products were in during expedition to the address indicated by the client, along with a copy of proof of purchase.
d) The return of services contracted, given their nature of limited duration, can only be accepted up to 24 hours after the date of the confirmation of shipment of the order made by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, if the service hasn’t been provided during that period.
e) The client cannot use the right to terminate contracts that concern goods which were customized (meaning, any goods that suffered changes to its features at the request of the client) and that concern goods or services which, for its nature, cannot be returned.
f) When the right to terminate is exercised by the client under the terms disclosed above, F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will proceed with the reimbursements of the amounts paid by the client in the most adequate means. If F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA decides to reimbursement by means of bank transfer, the client must provide his IBAN (International Bank Account Number) to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

3.7. Validity of the offer or contractual proposition
a) Offers or contractual propositions made available by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA are valid until confirmation of order by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.
b) If the client chooses to pay by ATM, the offer or contractual proposition will be valid until the moment of payment, up to 48 hours, except when ordering tickets, which has a maximum validity of 24 hours.

4. Communications and Notifications
4.1. Notwithstanding other forms of communication foreseen in the present terms, all notifications to the User under the scope of these terms, including potential changes to the terms, will be made to the e-mail address indicated by the User upon Registration. If the User intends to contact F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, the e-mail address must be used.

4.2. Notifications will be considered as done in the working day following the sending of notification to the e-mail address given by the User upon Registration.

4.3. The User is forced to communicate to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA any change to the e-mail address indicated upon Registration. Not doing so will render any change of address ineffective, for F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, and all communications will be considered done in accordance with line 10.2.

5. Termination
5.1. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA may terminate the current Terms and deny the User with login access, as well as delete any comment the User may have made, in case of breach or violation of the current terms.

5.2. The termination of conditions and login access to the User will occur 5 days after F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA communicated the intention to the e-mail address of the User, still allowing F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA to immediately remove any comment made by the User that violates any of the Terms accepted by the User, under the present Terms. In this case, the User must immediately cease all and any use of the website.