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Privacy Policy

When accessing this website, the user must be aware of the following terms, applicable to each document, information, data, and requirements disclosed in it, property of the company F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA – Edições Multimédia, SA, seated at Estádio do Dragão, Via Futebol Clube do Porto, Entrada Poente, piso 3 – Porto, with share capital of 500,000.00 euros, with single registration number 504964160 in the Commercial Registry of Porto, hereby designated as F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

Personal Data

1. Personal data supplied by the user when filling in forms found in this website (name, marital status, address, contacts, profession) will be processed and stored by computer by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, in compliance with the applicable law concerning protection of personal data, with exclusive use by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, in the course of pre-contractual relations or those resulting from contracts signed with its client, including renewals.

2. Data will be stored in a way that allows for the identification of the users until the moment when any relation is terminated. The user will have free access to own personal data, one year after the gather of data or after the first access, as long as it is required in written, with the possibility to correct the data collected. All data may be provided to legal or administrative authorities, if done in compliance with the legal obligations of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

3. The user allows F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA to:
3.1. Provide data to companies of the Group it belongs to, assuring confidentiality, use of the data in compliance with the social object of those companies and compatibility with the purpose of the collection;
3.2. Gather additional personal data from public entities, specialized companies and other private parties, to confirm or add to the data collected, required to the contractual relation;
3.3. Proceed, if needed, with the magnetic recording of phone calls done, regarding the proposed contractual relation, both when setting the contract and for as long as it lasts, as well as use it for any legal ends, namely for the execution of services contracted, to improve and control those services and as means of proof.

Protection of Integrity and Confidentiality of Personal and Transaction Data

1. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA assures privacy and safety when transmitting data belonging to clients and visitors of its website by using cryptography with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in all information traded with F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA through the website. For this reason, this website is Verisign certified.

2. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA states, for that matter, that it possesses and will continue to possess every technical mean at its disposal to prevent loss, improper use, change, unauthorized access and improper gather of personal data supplied or transmitted to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, but still reminds that safety measures when using the Internet are possible to breach, which means F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA cannot assure data will not be accessed by third parties.


1. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA uses cookies in its websites in order to improve the user’s experience and allow for certain operations to be done safely.

2. Cookies are small text files a website places on the user’s computer or mobile phone when visiting said website, through the internet browser. The use of cookies helps the website recognize the device on the next visit. The cookies used by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA hold information related to identification codes of the user and session information, which assure safety and experience in the navigation. At any time, the user may, in the web browser, decide to be notified on the use of cookies, as well as block them from their system. The refusal in using cookies may result in the impossibility of accessing certain areas. Cookies are used to support specific functionalities in websites and make navigation more efficient.

3. Cookies used by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA serve different purposes:
3.1. Essential cookies – some cookies are essential to access specific areas in our website. Some allow for navigation in the website and use of applications, as well as access safe areas in the website through login. Without these cookies, certain services cannot be provided.The following data is collected with these cookies:– UserID – Code managed by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA that identifies a user of the website.– User Profile – Identification of the authorization profile associated to the UserID that allows managing access to available functionalities in a specific website.
3.2. Session cookies – temporary cookies that remain among the browser cookies until the user leaves the website. The information they collect allows for safe management of the operations done by the user during an access session in the website.The following data is collected with these cookies:– Session Data – Code provided internally by the technologic platform responsible for making websites available, which generate a temporary encrypted session code that associates the user’s equipment with an application session in the platform.
3.3. As mentioned, cookies help with a better user experience in our website. After allowing for the use of cookies, our cookies can be partly or fully deactivated at any time.Note: when deactivating cookies, parts of our website may stop functioning properly.