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Terms and Conditions

When accessing this website, the user must be aware of the following Terms, applicable to each document, information, data, and requirements disclosed in it, property of the company F.C. PORT​OMULTIMÉDIA – Edições Multimédia, SA, seated at Estádio do Dragão, Via Futebol Clube do Porto, Entrada Poente, piso 3 – Porto, with share capital of 500,000.00 euros, with single registration number 504964160 in the Commercial Registry of Porto, hereby designated as F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.

Terms of Use for the Website

1. In this website, F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA makes available content in the form of text, commentaries, messages, information, charts, informative or opinion articles, pictures, software, audio and video, if the user accepts, without reservations, conditions or modifications, the following terms and conditions of use. The information disclosed is not an offer in the juridical term. The result from the use of simulators, if applicable, is merely informative and must be considered reliable regarding the data input by the user. The result of the simulation is not a budget, or a contractual proposition, and does not oblige F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA to sign a contract under the terms simulated by the user.

2. All information contained in this website is exclusively for private use, and any commercial use is forbidden. On the other hand, the information made available (regardless of how it is reviewed) is not to be considered as advice or recommendation of purchase, sale or signing, and experts should be consulted if needed.

3. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is not, therefore, responsible for any damage, economic, material or personal, that may occur directly or indirectly from the use of the information disclosed, and the user is the sole and exclusive responsible for any decision taken based on this information.

4. With the website, the user may access other websites of companies that are part of Grupo Futebol Clube do Porto, official institutions and organizations related to the activity of sports, in Portugal. The existing links in the website were previously authorized by those entities.

5. The rights of intellectual property over all content in this website, with the exception of those provided by external entities duly identified, belong to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, including information, tools, and graphic design of the web pages, and all its components, pictures, charts or texts.

6. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA does not take any responsibility for any damage coming from potential situations of impossibility, delay, suspension, or interruption in access to the website, caused by technical failure or any other reason. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA does not assure that the access to the website will not be interrupted or disturbed due to technical issues.

7. Whole or partial reproduction of any information or content of the website is not allowed, not is its rental or sale, without previous consent of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA or the external entities providing the information duly identified.

8. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA reserves the right to complete, modify or delete any information disclosed in the website, without previous warning, and without the need to indemnify third parties for the modification.

9. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA cannot assure full immunity of the website to hacker attacks or viruses or other trojan software.

10. In order to use this website under these Terms of Use, the User must:
10.1. Respect the rights of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA and third parties;
10.2. Not offend, and respect all and any legal disposition, keeping a proper and adequate use of the website, respecting the Terms that were read, understood and accepted fully, without reservations;
10.3. Not modify software, or use modified forms of software, namely to obtain unauthorized access to Content or any restricted content.

11. Intellectual property
11.1. Every right of industrial and intellectual property over Content and website belong or are licensed to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.
11.2. The User acknowledges that the content is protected by copyright and related rights and any applicable legislation, belonging to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA.
11.3. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will not tolerate any breach in copyright, industrial right and personal rights and/or third party rights.

12. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is forced to assure the online privacy of the User. The privacy policy of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is available at (“Privacy Policy”), part of the present Terms.

13. Assurances of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA
13.1.F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA does not assure the user in any way that:a) Content, Assets or Services will satisfy or be able to satisfy any needs or expectations the user may have;b) Any existing error in the software will be mandatorily fixed.
13.2. No advice or information obtained by the User through Content and/or website will hold any guarantee that isn’t disclosed in these terms.
13.3. The website is a public network of electronic communications used by several users, and, as such, it is subject to software overcharges, and F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA cannot assure uninterrupted use, use without information loss, or delays, should such situations or other (situations that are unexpected or unpredictable, out of the scope of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA and cannot be controlled by it) occur.
13.4. The information gathered by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, in the website, is anonymous information. The anonymous information gathered by F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA in the website is processed by it to improve the content of the website, to adapt it to users and to learn about users and how they are using the information. By doing so, F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA is allowed to use control technology (cookies) to gather anonymous information, such as the type of internet browser being used, operative system and date and time of access. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will not gather any Personal Data unless it is supplied by the User in a specific way, voluntarily and conscientiously.

14. Responsibility
14.1. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will be responsible for any damage suffered by the user that occurs directly from the non-compliance or faulty compliance of the obligations of F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA, under the present terms.
14.2. F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA will not be responsible before the user:
a) For any damage sustained by the User and/or third parties, resulting from the use or impossibility of use of Content or website, caused by delays, interruptions, mistakes, or breach of communications and consequential information loss, caused by factors out of its control and not attributable to it, namely any deficiency or failure caused by the communication network or communications services provided by third parties, by the software system, by modems, by connection software or possible software virus or occurring from download of infected files or that contain virus or other properties that may infect the end equipment of the User, namely when he does not install adequate software to protect access, as well as situations of unpredictable overload of software systems;
b) For any damage sustained by the User and/or third parties that may come from technical failures in recording, viewing, or use that aren’t attributable to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA or occurring from outdated Content;
c) For any damage sustained by the User and/or third parties that may occur from the unauthorized use of servers belonging to F.C. PORTOMULTIMÉDIA and/or all information and data stored in them;
d) For the validity, timeliness, or truthfulness of the information found in Content;
e) For any errors, deficiencies, or inaccuracies of Content and for any damage caused to the User by any errors, deficiencies, or inaccuracies of Content.

15. Final dispositions
15.1. If any of the present terms is deemed void, ineffective, or if it becomes redundant, it will not affect the validity or efficiency of the remaining terms, which will remain in force.
15.2. All matters regulated by the present Terms are applicable to the Portuguese Law.15.3. In case of litigation, regarding the interpretation or application of the present terms, as well as in the interpretation and execution of the contracts signed through the website, the court of Porto will be exclusively consulted, and any other completely denied.

16. Access or use of the website implies the acceptance by the user of the above terms.

17. Some pages in this website use cookies and javascript. The block of such components may prevent the proper navigation and the proper procedure when simulating and purchasing.