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Maniche: “It makes me want to play again”

Nuno Ricardo Oliveira Ribeiro should be a name that not many fans will recognise. But, if we say the name Maniche,…

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The captains got their 3D miniature

Helton, Ricardo Moreira and Reinaldo Ventura, captains of the main squads for football, handball and roller hockey for…

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And the museum became even more incredible

The FC Porto Museum, by BMG, has been described in many ways by visitors, but few times was the word “Incredible” put to…

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Pinto da Costa released "unpretentious book"

This Monday, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa released his new book, “31 anos de Presidência, 31 decisões”, published by Chiado…

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President releases new book Monday

​The book “31 anos de Presidência, 31 decisões”, written by Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, will be introduced this Monday,…

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"FC Porto is everything the city is"

Rui Moreira, President of the Porto City Council, visited the FC Porto Museum, by BMG, accompanied by Jorge Nuno Pinto…

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