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Useful informations:

- You should keep the receipt. It may be requested at the entrance of the Museum

- You should keep your ticket until the exit of the Museum. It contains a code required for some services visit.

- Prices include VAT, subject to alterations

- Method of payment: Cash or VISA debit/credit card, transfer. Cheques are not accepted

- Parking limited to availability

- Parking is not available on match days at Dragon Stadium

- Stadium tours are not available on match days at Dragon Stadium or on the eve of UEFA matches and on the day of major events on the field

- For organisational purposes, alterations may be made to the Stadium Tour route and visiting hours. Visitors will be informed beforehand

- Members: must present members' identification and have paid their members dues

- Seniors (>64) and children (0-16): must present ID or Citizenship Card

- Free admission for members of ICOM, AICA and APOM