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André Bessa: “We are evolving and improving”

Blue and white point guard previewed matchday four of group C of the FIBA European Cup, against Mornar Bar

After the third consecutive victory in the Portuguese Basketball League, FC Porto will again focus on the FIBA European Cup. The blue and whites will face Mornar Bar, from Montenegro, at home, for Matchday 4 of Group C, and André Bessa admitted that the team is now more confident and hopeful in getting the second European victory after the excellent result against Kapfenberg Bulls (85-84). The match is scheduled for this Wednesday, at 20h30 (Porto Canal), at Dragão Caixa.

Extending the good momentum
“We are in our best moment of the season so far, after a not so good start. It’s a fact that victories always give the team morale and confidence, and we are actually going through a good momentum. We believe we can beat Mornar Bar, because we lost away against them for just a few points, and we actually had one of the worst matches in the season so far. If we do fewer mistakes than we did there, I think we can win this match.”

On the way to the best shape
“Playing for the championship and for European competitions stops us from a lot of training and, this season, we have many new players, so it’s difficult to assimilate all the processes. We are slowly evolving and improving, and I believe we will achieve our best shape soon. The synch between everyone is growing and victories will reinforce the confidence of the team.”

Helping the team
“I work daily to be able to help the team and, if the coach sends me in, I try to make my contribution and help in everything I can. The important thing is to win.”

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