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Fantastic recovery meant the first European victory

FC Porto beat Kapfenberg Bulls (85-84), in Dragão Caixa, in matchday three of the FIBA European Cup

FC Porto defeated Kapfenberg Bulls (85-84) on Wednesday, at Dragão Caixa, for matchday three of group C of the FIBA European Cup, achieving their first victory. In the next matchday, the fourth, the players will play at Dragão Caixa again, against Mornar Bar, from Montenegro, with the match scheduled for November 8 (Wednesday), at 20h30.

The first period of the match was far from being a great basketball show, but showed a balance (16-16) that the Austrian team broke in the second ten minutes, when they were particularly effective in the outside throws. This assertiveness in the triples allowed Kapfenberg Bulls to reach halftime leading by five points (46-41), but Sasa Borovnjak (14 points) was a good example of the blue and white resilience.

The break ended up being better for the Austrians, as Kapfenberg returned with their aim even more tuned, reaching a 11 point lead at the start of the fourth and final period (72-61). That’s when FC Porto showed its best version and started a fantastic recovery, sealed by Marcus Gilbert from the free-throw line just seven tenths of a second to go: 85-84 were the numbers of the blue and white victory.

In a good performance for FC Porto, Marcus Gilbert (16 points and 7 rebounds), Will Hanley (16 points and 10 rebounds), Sasa Borovnjak (16 points), Will Sheehey (15 points) and Pedro Bastos (11 points) should be mentioned. At the end of the match, Moncho Lopez was pleased with the first victory in this group stage: “There are two fundamental periods in this match: the second, when we conceded 30 points, and the fourth, when we conceded only 12. Our victory was built especially in the second-half. We have to build our personality as a team, but I'm happy for how we won this match.”


FIBA European Cup, Group C, Matchday 3
November 1, 2017
Dragão Caixa, Porto

Referees: Osman Isgüder (Turkey), Carsten Straube (Germany) and Vilius Maciulaitis (Lithuania)

FC Porto: Pedro Bastos (11), Marcus Gilbert (16), António Monteiro (3), Will Hanley (16) and Miguel Queiroz
Substitutes: Pedro Pinto (2), Sasa Borovnjak (16), André Bessa (3), Ferrán Ventura, Will Sheehey (15), Miguel Miranda (3) and Vladyslav Voytso
Coach: Moncho López

KAPFENBERG BULLS: Kareem Jamar (14), Bogic Vujosevic (18), Jozo Rados (2), Ian Moschik and Milan Stegnjaic (8)
Substitutes: Lukas Hahn, Kushtrim Dvorani, Filip Kramer (6), Brian Oliver (22), Tobias Schrittwieser (3), Marck Coffin (11) and William Emiohe
Coach: Michael Schrittwieser

At halftime: 41-46
Partials: 16-16, 25-30, 20-26, 24-12

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