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​​André André: “We were serious and committed”

Midfielder talked of a mission accomplished against Lusitano de Évora and of about the next match, against Leipzig

Returning to competition, and in the starting team, midfielder André André talked of a mission accomplished, after the 6-0 victory FC Porto achieved over Lusitano de Évora, for the third round of the Portuguese Cup. The midfielder highlighted the “serious and competent match” the Dragons played, facing a team from the Regional Championship of Évora, assuring that the Dragons will have no difficulty in switching mentalities for the UEFA Champions League match, adding that the team will know how to have the correct attitude against Leipzig. About the youngsters of the B team, who made their debut tonight for the main team, the number 20 said they had a very positive game, remembering that the integration of these players in the training of the main team happens often.

Serious match and mission accomplished
“We played a serious match, with commitment. We wanted to seal it as soon as possible and then manage the outcome. And that's exactly what happened. We knew that, sooner or later, the goal would come and fortunately it did. Lusitano had a good start, we have to congratulate them.”

Everyone ready to play
“The coach has already shown that any player can be called to play. We are all prepared, us and the players of the B team, who joined us for training this week. We are a very balanced team, very cohesive and we are all prepared to play.”

Young players are integrated and respond well
“The youngsters went in well. The connection with the B team is strong and there are many players who frequently join our training sessions. There is no difficulty in integration, as we integrate the kids from the B team very well.”

In Leipzig with the right attitude
“It's easy to change mentality because we always work at maximum capacity and go to every match with the correct seriousness. We knew what we had to do in this Cup match and we will also know what to do in the next match against Leipzig.

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