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Second victory in the European Championship

Dragons beat La Vendéenne (11-3) in the second matchday of group B

FC Porto Fidelidade reached their second victory in the European League this Saturday, after beating La Vendéenne (11-3), in France, for Matchday 2 of Group B of the competition. The Dragons, who lead the group along with the Italian team Follonica, will play again next Wednesday (21h30, Porto Canal), at the pavilion of Valongo, for matchday six of the National Championship.

The national champions were favourite to win at the start of the match against La Vendéenne and aimed at quickly proving it, reaching the advantage with Gonçalo Alves, who opened the scoreboard from penalty kick. The French team tied shortly after, through Josep Hernandez, but Rafa, finishing a counterattack started by Reinaldo Garcia, put FC Porto in the lead again.

The good first-half for the Dragons didn’t stop here, as Gonçalo Alves and Hélder Nunes increased to 4-1 on the way to the break. The only reason the difference wasn’t even bigger was due to the great performance of goalkeeper Jérémie Bonnaud. Despite the good French reaction at the start of the second-half, with two goals from Adrià Salvadó, the blue and whites didn’t flinch and moved on to another European beating (11-3).


European League, Group B, Matchday 2
November 25, 2017
Salle de L'Angelmière, La Roche-sur-Yon in France

Referees: António Gomez and Alberto López

LA VENDÉENNE: Jérémie Bonnaud (g.k.), Josep Hernandez, Florent David, Facundo Posito and Adrià Salvadó
Substitutes: Leandre Pilleniere-Bilcot (g.k.), Mathieu Nicolezeau, Nathan Gefflot, Didac Llobet and Erwan Debrouver
Coach: Miguel Sanchez

FC PORTO: Nélson Filipe (g.k.), Reinaldo Garcia, Ton Baliu, Rafa and Jorge Silva
Substitutes: Carles Grau (g.k.), Hélder Nunes (cap), Gonçalo Alves, Reinaldo Garcia, Álvaro Morais and Telmo Pinto
Coach: Guillem Cabestany

At halftime: 1-4
Scorers: Gonçalo Alves (8m, 21m and 34m), Josep Hernandez (8m), Rafa (12m and 37m), Hélder Nunes (25m and 45m), Adrià Salvadó (30m and 31m), Álvaro Morais (43m and 47m), Jorge Silva (44m), Telmo Pinto (49m)

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