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The Museum is the new star at FC Porto

On the day the club celebrates its 120th birthday, the Futebol Clube do Porto Museum is opened. The structure, which had been demanded by the fans for decades, was visited this Saturday for the first time, with guests following the footsteps of Chairman Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, former President of the Portuguese Republic Ramalho Eanes and Ricardo Guimarães, Chairman of Bank BMG, partner of the Museum.

With 7.000 square meters, the Museum includes educational services, FC Porto Store and Associates’ Store, the Museum Caffé, an auditorium, a temporary exhibits room and two leisure spots. There are 27 theme areas to visit, including “Origins”, “Blue ahead”, “From the pitch to the Stadium”, “Big news” and areas dedicated to chairmen, coaches, players and other sports apart from football.

“I think the Museum looks excellent. I had seen it yesterday, but everyone here thinks this is a fantastic work, exceeding all expectations. I want to congratulate all those involved, that worked with dedication and through long lost nights, but giving credit to all equally. To all an enormous thank you”, stated Pinto da Costa to

Throughout the visit, it becomes easy to understand the connection of the club to the city and foundation, remember the first victories and the turn after 1974, with the Portuguese democratic revolution. From there, the tone of the Museum becomes more expansive, and there are spaces dedicated to each of the seven European conquests of the white and blue football, a “constellation” full of cups, numerous interactive areas and even a replica of a locker room and of the old “seats” in Estádio das Antas.

“The Museum has an emotional speech. It is the history of FC Porto and those who lived these moments, almost all of great glory, is more than moved, they know better than anyone else what this represents. It became a fantastic work and I believe this isn’t a reason to be proud just for FC Porto, it will extend to the rest of the city”, stated the chairman of the Dragons.

In a museum where all the national and international victories are represented and the main victories of the other white and blue sports, highlights should go to the best team ever for FC Porto, chosen by the fans through Facebook: Vitor Baía, João Pinto, Ricardo Carvalho, Aloísio, Branco, André, Deco, Madjer, Hulk, Gomes e Futre.

Helton and Lucho, as captains of the football team, and Paulo Fonseca, coach, also attended the opening ceremony, with the building being blessed by D. Januário Torgal Ferreira, Bishop of the Army and Forces for Order. At the entrance, a piece by Joana Vasconcelos: “Valquíria Dragão”, surrounded by trophies won by the club.

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