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Sérgio Conceição: “Our game was above average”

Blue and white coach was pleased with the performance of the team in the victory over Chaves (4-0)

FC Porto beat Desportivo de Chaves (4-0), this Sunday, for matchday 22 of Liga NOS, retaking the lead in the competition, and they still have one less game to play than the rivals. At the end of the match in Trás-os-Montes, Sérgio Conceição praised the performance of the team and admitted the Championship is the “great goal” of the Dragons.

Balanced from start to finish
“Chaves isn’t a team that plays with a lot of transitions, but they played with the intention of taking advantage of some space left by us. We were always balanced, except for one or two situations. In the attack, to reach their goal with danger, we needed more people in the middle, hence why the three midfielders were more important than the two forwards. That was the key to our victory. We prepared the match in the best possible way and the goals are a continuation of the good work done by the whole team.”

Everyone going in the same direction
“We played a game well above average and I'm happy with the performance of all players. Maxi and Otávio, for example, hadn’t been playing much recently, but they gave an excellent response and showed that everyone is involved and committed. That makes me pleased as a coach. We must continue to move towards our goal, which is the Championship.”

Management? What management?
“I didn’t promote any management. I used the best team I had and sent in the players that gave me more guarantees on all levels. I always have options and, for today's match, for example, I thought that Maxi and Otávio were important. We give priority to the Championship and that is our great goal.”

Soares and the team
“Soares had a very good start to the season, but picked up an injury and Marega gave a very positive response, as everyone knows. When Soares was regaining his form, he was injured again. He is a fantastic guy in the squad and loved by all. Even if he hadn’t scored goals, this is the Soares I want, working like this, playing on the edge. Anyway, I don’t like to individualize. It was a game above average for us and very consistent.”

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