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​​Sérgio Conceição: “We made this match easy”

Blue and white coach praised the response of his players after a less successful match in Leipzig

For Sérgio Conceição, the 6-1 win over Paços de Ferreira this Saturday night was no more than “continuing the work” that the team has been showing in Liga NOS, proving that the Dragons will continue in the lead after matchday nine is over. The coach praised the response to the defeat in Leipzig (3-2) and admitted that the team, which played “well at all times”, made the match easy. He also praised the “fantastic group” of players he has at his disposal.

The response to the defeat in Leipzig
“This match was the continuity to what we do during the week and that we have been showing in the championship. There are no unbeaten teams, but what matters is to know how to react to defeats. It is important to know that after these defeats we remain strong, with character, personality and a lot of ambition to become champions. Obviously, it’s still too early and there is still a long way to go, but we can’t change overnight. It’s important for the fans to know that we are here, serious and hard-working, and that we are ambitious and determined when things are less bad. This was a match that became easy because we played well pretty much the entire match, with the ball, without the ball, and very dynamic. We enjoyed playing.”

The focus of the team
“A bad day can’t make us lose focus. Things won’t always go great, but what matters is to know what you want and who is by your side. And I have a fantastic group to work with, of the highest quality. They give it all and do everything to achieve the goals. And everybody suffers when we don’t win, starting with me. It is important for people to know that, this year, they have a very determined group that wants to get to the end and give us what we have been missing for four years.”

The preponderance of Brahimi
“We work with everyone. Brahimi does his job, the forwards do theirs. Of course, there are always things to correct, and Brahimi may have heard his share of things to correct. But then it has to do with his humility, his capacity to see what he has to improve, because we all have to improve, starting with me. And it also has to do with the dynamics of the team and what each player has to do to make it work.”

A blue sea
“This blue sea has to continue, because only with the fans will we be able to reach the end and our goal, especially in the not so good times.”

Word to Paços de Ferreira
“Paços is a club for whom I have a lot of sympathy. I know the leaders and the structure, and I know it won’t be this defeat that will shake their goals for the championship.”

The answer to Rui Vitória
“I did not see his press conference, I don’t know what he said and I don’t know what you're talking about. Maybe Benfica's not so good moment is confusing him. But I will answer that, I'm not running away from it. I have to see and hear it.”

Managing Ricardo
“Ricardo's physical condition had to be managed after the Portuguese Cup match. Today, he was well, so he played and gave a great response, like the rest of the team.”

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