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Sérgio Conceição: “Keep fighting against everything and against everyone”

Blue and white coach regretted the lack of fairplay and the constant stopping at Paços de Ferreira (1-0)

This Sunday, FC Porto lost to Paços de Ferreira (1-0), for matchday 26 of Liga NOS, and now has Benfica two points behind. At the end of a “terrible show” in Capital do Móvel, Sérgio Conceição admitted the Dragons could have and should have done more, but the lack of fairplay of the home team and the permissiveness of Bruno Paixão hurt the blue and white reaction, despite the penalty missed by Brahimi (67m).

Lack of fairplay from start to finish
“Playing here, under these conditions, is hard. We could have and should have done more, it’s true, but, after the goal, there was no more match. I’m disappointed. There was too much lack of fairplay and the referee allow the match to stop constantly. I’m not sure if that was the strategy our opponent planned or not, but I don’t remember being in a match like this. I don’t enjoy to lose, but this was unbelievable, the players were constantly diving. I would like to know what the time to play was, but I doubt it was more than 20/25 minutes.”

Doing everything for that point
“The stoppage time was short, no doubts about it. There was very little time to play. We missed a penalty and other occasions we usually don’t miss, it’s true, but it seems a point is worth doing anything. Tonight, Paços de Ferreira even got three. It was embarrassing and we were part of it. As the coach, I take the blame. Now we’re going to look at what went wrong and work during the week to win the next match.”

There was no dynamic in a dreadful show
“I’m displeased about everything. The dynamics of the team wasn’t the usual, first caused by the weather conditions, and then by some apathy at the start of the match. Besides, the match time was too short, which hurts a team like ours, who always plays with intensity and high pace. It’s hard like this. It was a dreadful show.”

Until the end in the fight for the title
“The response is to win the next match and play the rest of the championship as we have until now. We depend only of ourselves. We can still tie one match and win the remaining seven. We are going to keep fighting against everything and against everyone, and in the end we’ll count points. We are going to get to the end and we will surely get what everyone wants.”

Bruno Paixão
“There are referees who seem lost, and I honestly can’t understand the patience he had in allowing the match to constantly be stopped. And then show two yellow cards in stoppage time. He might as well not have done anything.”

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