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Sérgio Conceição: “It's a completely fair victory”

Blue and white coach pleased with the qualification to the Final Four of the League Cup

FC Porto won 3-2 at Paços de Ferreira, this Saturday night, and assured the lead in Group D of the League Cup, which qualifies the Dragons to the Final Four of the competition. At the end of the match against Paços, Sérgio Conceição regretted the missed opportunities and the defensive mistakes, but stated his team played a “good match” and, most importantly, won.

Strong start
“We started the match well. We knew we had to win to be in the semi-final of the League Cup. We scored two goals and created situations for the 3-0, which would give us more peace of mind. Paços had the merit of scoring in the only two situations they had, taking advantage of our mistakes. We corrected a few things at halftime, namely the way we were defending. We scored the third goal in the second-half and, had we defined some situations better, we could have achieved a bigger result. It’s a completely fair victory. It was a good match from the team and we achieved what matters the most, the victory.”

A matter of effectiveness
“We created a lot of goal situations. We reached the last third of the pitch easily, but we have to be more effective. Today, we weren’t so good on the defence, but I'm always happy to create this many chances. The hard part is getting to the goal as we do. We’ve played a lot better in other matches, but I have to praise the effort of the players after a stop that is not very beneficial. We are playing for all competitions and this is a good thing. The players are to be congratulated.”

Herrera being sent-off
“It's the most negative point of the night. There was no need to do what he did. Maybe he didn’t even hit the opponent, but he made the gesture and you know how it goes. Against FC Porto there is no hesitation. We lost a major player, but others will play and are bound to grab the opportunity.”

The semi-final against Sporting
“There is still a lot to go before that match. Now we need to think of Feirense and focus all our attention on the match on Wednesday.”

Happy 2018
“I wish all the Portuguese a 2018 full of health, peace and success. And may that success be greater for FC Porto than for the other teams.”

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