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Trip to VIC ended in a tie

FC Porto tied at the Olympic Pavilion, 4-4, for Matchday 5 of the EuroLeague

FC Porto Fidelidade tied, this Saturday afternoon, with Vic, from Spain, for matchday 5 of Group B of the EuroLeague. In the Olympic Pavillion of Vic, in Catalunya, the goals were scored by Jorge Silva, Alvarinho, Reinaldo Garcia and Gonçalo Alves, but they weren’t enough to get the fifth victory in five matches for the competition. As for the qualification, it had already been assured on the previous matchday: the Dragons guaranteed the qualification and the lead of the group.

Playing at home, the Catalan team was very different from the match at Dragão Caixa, which ended 13-2. More intense, especially on the defence, the opponent continued to improve during the match and, 10 minutes, they already had a two goals lead. As for the blue and whites, they had a less successful start, but not bad enough that they could fight for the match.

Jorge Silva reduced (11m), but the Spanish team again got a lead of two goals (3-1, 15m), and had to wait for the start of the second-half to tie the scoreboard again. Between the end of the first-half and the beginning of the second, Alvarinho (20m) and Reinaldo Garcia (26m) made it 3-3 and then a new match started. New match, but not a different outcome. First the Spanish team returned to the lead, 34 minutes in, and then, in a last effort play, Gonçalo Alves (48m) set the final 4-4.


EuroLeague, Matchday 5
February 17, 2017
Olympic Pavilion, Vic (Spain)

Referees: Pascal Hanras and Stephane Rizzotti

VIC: Ernst Burgaya (g.k.), Josep Ordeig, Borja Lopez, Jassel Oller and Jordi Urbano
Also played: Albert Grau, Carlos Sánchez, Tirso Gómez and Pol Manrubia
Coach: Gerard Pujol

FC Porto: Carles Grau, Telmo Pinto, Reinaldo Garcia, Rafa and Jorge Silva
Also played: Nélson Filipe, Hélder Nunes, Ton Baliu and Gonçalo Alves
Coach: Guillem Cabestany

At halftime: 3-2
Scorers: Josep Ordeig (3m), Borja Lopez (9m, 15m), Jorge Silva (11m), Alvarinho (20m), Reinaldo Garcia (26m), Jordi Urbano (34m) and Goncalo Alves (48m)

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