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​​Felipe and Herrera regretted the “lack of intensity”

Defender and midfielder talked of the defeat in Germany and stated the Dragons are still alive in the competition

After the defeat in Germany (3-2 against Leipzig, for matchday three of Group G of the UEFA Champions League), Felipe and Herrera talked of the second defeat the Dragons conceded in this group stage. Both the defender and the midfielder pointed out “the lack of intensity”, especially early on in the match, as a key factor for the match, but both reminded that the group is far from done. With three matchdays to go in this group stage, the Brazilian assured that FC Porto is alive in the competition, and, at the same time Herrera stated the team will learn from the mistakes made in this match.

Felipe: “We are alive”
“We know that high-level competition requires a lot of concentration. We knew they were going to have a lot more intensity at home, and that's what happened. We have to prepare better, pay a little more attention, because we cannot concede three goals or even two and then fail to tie the match. The team had a good posture, even though we pretty much started with a goal conceded, and I think that, for the attitude, the team should be congratulated. At home, it will be different, we will have another attitude and we will apply a little more pressure. We still have a long way to go, but we are alive.”

Herrera: “We’re going to learn from our mistakes”
“We failed to match the intensity and aggressiveness they showed. We knew this, that they are very strong applying pressure. We didn’t start as strongly as in other matches, due to the circumstances of the match itself, and that shows on the scoreboard and on the tactic. When we did match their aggression, we tried to play our game and we created goal situations, even though there were few. We’re going to learn from our mistakes.”

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