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Chairman congratulated Raúl Alarcón on his victory in Asturias

The team trophy was offered to the Museum, where the important step in the internationalization of the team was praised

Internationalization was one of the most heard words this Tuesday at the FC Porto Museum, where Raúl Alarcón, accompanied by teammates António Carvalho and Joaquim Silva, offered the cup for the team victory in the Tour of Asturias. The event ended on Monday with Alarcón's individual triumph, the first one overseas for the club since returning to cycling last year, but everyone wants these achievements to multiply. “It was a fantastic tour and a victory with which I dreamed”, stated the Spanish athlete, who also offered the museum the blue jersey for the first place overall. “This was a very important first step, and the result and the way it was achieved were magnificent for the our ambition of internationalizing the team,” chairman Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa stated. The ceremony was also attended by Adriano Quintanilha, president of W52-FC Porto-Mestre da Cor, sports director Nuno Ribeiro, and Elias Barros, appointed director of FC Porto for cycling.

Raúl Alarcón, talking to the Universe Porto
“It was a fantastic tour and a win with which I had dreamed. I started to believe thanks to my team, the directors, and Nuno Ribeiro. All this time, all of them believed in me. This year, I changed the way I train, in altitude, very hard and thinking that I could win the Tour of Asturias. Looking to my side and seeing Quintana or Óscar Sevilla, cyclers I admire, is something impressive. It was a great joy, it’s not easy to win like this, especially facing Nairo Quintana.”

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa
“It is a competition with plenty of visibility in the world of cycling, and in Spain in particular, and the presence of Quintana gave it even more visibility. This victory is very important, as we want the name and team W52-FC Porto to take a position in international cycling. This was a very important first step and the result and the way it was achieved was magnificent for the ambition we have in internationalizing our team.”

Adriano Quintanilha
“Every victory is important, and this one, as it was achieved abroad, will be even more important for the sponsor and for FC Porto. We hope it is the first of many, to bring joy to the chairman, all the associates and supporters, and to all who like FC Porto.”

Nuno Ribeiro
“Internationalization is one of the objectives we are looking for. We are focused on this season and on our schedule and we will do everything to achieve the goals we set earlier this year, and try not to disappoint the fans and everyone associated with the project.”

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