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Sérgio Conceição: “We weren’t efficient”

Coach admitted that there were negative aspects in FC Porto’s performance against Leixões

Sérgio Conceição didn’t like a few moments of FC Porto's performance this Tuesday, against Leixões (0-0), but pointed out that the main reason for the tie was the lack of efficiency. The coach admitted that the team improved a lot in the second-half and created more than enough opportunities to score.

The match report
“The reason for the tie was that we didn’t score goals. We had occasions, especially in the second-half, to score and break their defence. In the first-half, I didn’t like what my team did in the last 30 metres, as we lacked diversity in movements. We had the ball and controlled the match, but that didn’t mean we created opportunities. Credit for that should also be given to Leixões, for what they did and worked for, and for the way they occupied the space in the last 30 metres.”

A lack of efficiency
“In the second-half, we improved, we had four or five chances, but football is measured by efficiency and today we weren’t efficient. If any of the situations we created had been successful, we could have won by more than 1-0. It didn’t happen, congratulations to Leixões, as they came here and did what no team from the first League did, and that shows quality.”

Team changes
“The squad gives guarantees, with the players we have. We created a competitive group, and now we must prove it, go on the pitch. I pay close attention to every detail, be it in training or in matches, in competition. There were things I didn’t like today.”

Ambition remains
“Of course we are not pleased, we wanted to win. The group felt this, and, in due time, we will talk about this competition. We are fully convinced that we will qualify from this group. It is the first title we can conquer, so we have to be very aware, motivated and determined to get it. What happened in the past doesn’t matter.”

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