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Museum launches new institutional campaign

“The Heart of Porto.” is based on the historical and cultural relation between Porto, the club and the city

The Heart of Porto. is the concept of the new institutional, and international, campaign of the FC Porto Museum. Assuming FC Porto as one of the most valuable institutions and emotional brands in a city that has recently been re-established as the best European destination, the message is based on the historical and cultural relation between Porto, the club and the city. There is a heart, renown in Porto, the Invicta, that beats for the safeguarding of its heritage of 123 years (spanning three centuries), extremely seductive for national and foreign tourists, and which aims at positioning the Museum as the guardian of the spirit of Porto (the city as well) and a mandatory location to visit.

It’s in its city that beats the heart of the FC Porto Museum, nominated for the 2016 European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA), winner of the 2015 Innovation and Creativity Award of the Associação Portuguesa de Museologia (APOM) or conqueror of the “Excellence” degree and leader, for more than a year and a half, of the positive reviews’ ranking on TripAdvisor – in the category of museums, among more than 150 institutions of Porto and North of Portugal. The sensorial and knowledge imprint of the visit aims at any tourist profile – visiting, what to do, discovery – and also includes a visit to Estádio do Dragão (also certified with the “Excellence” degree), in an autonomous Tour or part of the Tour Museum, in a unique experience.

The campaign is part of an open strategy that goes well beyond the permanent exhibition and collection of the FC Porto Museum, and aims at increasing the brand's familiarity, primarily in the sector of tourism, and at expanding its relevance to different audiences. In three years, the space has already received more than 410 thousand people, and, in the third year, the percentage of foreign tourists was 40%, with a strong growing trend, which, in fact, has been noticeable since the opening, in 2013: from the first to the second year, that percentage had already risen from 25 to 30%. It should be noted that those tourists came from more than 140 countries, which says plenty about the globalization of the curiosity about the museum.

In line with an approach developed in the summer of 2016, the new campaign – which kicks-off this week, with increasing exposure to all media in the city and beyond, as well as digital, generic and specialized activation – represents a cultural experience, interactive, emotional, and historian, bringing together iconic figures, objects and dynamics, both of the club and of the city (and of the country), establishing bridges between past, present and future. The use of pieces (and their details) considered gems of the Museum or of Estádio do Dragão itself reminds an aesthetic and communicational tendency common to campaigns of major international museums.

The main space of the FC Porto Museum has a total area of 7,000 square meters – of which 4,000 hold exhibits, divided by 27 theme areas (reaching 28, thanks to a virtual and itinerant area), a file of a more scientific profile and a strong technological dynamic, conferring a multimedia and interactive aspect to the visit; on the other hand, as a result of the existence and use of an auditorium, exhibition halls and an educational service space, the Museum entered Porto's cultural agenda, having developed, since its opening, more than 3,000 events, with highlights for art, music, theater, literature, dance, heritage, health, science and technology, among other disciplines, also in co-production with institutions and city programs.

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