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​​Sérgio Conceição: “The match always depends on us”

Coach did the preview of the match against Marítimo for matchday 15 of the championship

With eyes on three more points, Sérgio Conceição did the preview of matchday 15 of Liga NOS (Monday, 21h00), between FC Porto and Marítimo, noting that the Dragons are the ones who must take on the match. The team, according to the coach, will face a solid, well-organized team, with a good coach, and only intelligence and patience will lead to victory. Regarding early presents, the coach stated he wants to keep giving them throughout the year, especially in May, when the final matchdays of the championship come.

The strength of Marítimo
“Marítimo has been having an excellent season, especially after the new coach [Daniel Ramos] arrived. They have an effective defensive organization and only conceded one more goal than Benfica and Sporting, for example. But Marítimo is not just that. We know we're going to have to take on the match because we want to get three more points.”

Team prepared for all scenarios
“We prepare the team for different scenarios, caring more about what we can and must do given the strong defensive organization Marítimo shows. We also work on those moments when we lose the ball, because we have to be quick to recover it. Then we have to be strong with the ball, fast, because that’s the only way we can get past Marítimo. We have to be smart to break their team, knowing that the match always depends on us.”

Present for May
“We still have two more matches for the League Cup until the end of the year and, as we said, we don’t want to give up on any competition. I feel like the players give us a present every day. They are so committed that we are forced to become better and better. It's great to be able to work at this club and I think that's my biggest present. Of course the results have made us happy, but I also think presents shouldn’t come only on Christmas. It’s important to come here during the year and do things with rigour and passion, always.”

An analysis to the championship
“I prefer to be in the lead in May, even if it's just by one tiny point. Obviously, it’s important to realize that we have been passing some tests. On what depends on us, we will do everything to continue like this. We're feeling well, but we still haven’t won anything. We are in all competitions, which, for me, is ideal, but that’s all for now.”

The evolution of the team
“Obviously I think the team can grow. We can see, every day or when play, that there are always things to improve, whether in attack, defence or set pieces. In the stage of controlling the match, for example, there are times when we can hold the ball more and not just look for the opponent's goal. But these balances come naturally in time.”

The Maxi-Ricardo-Corona option
“They are different players. Ricardo is a more vertical player, more for the wing, who doesn’t go inside so much. Maxi gives us more experience and in the matches in Setúbal and in Vila das Aves I knew that I would need someone with his type of qualities. As for the Corona, he is a different player, more resourceful in terms of technique. And in that regards we also have Hernâni and Marega. The important thing is that they all have a fantastic spirit.”

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