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Sérgio Conceição: “We are used to hot settings”

At the preview of the game against Besiktas, the coach assured a “different response” to the one given on matchday one

FC Porto is used to playing in intimidating stadiums – it's called Estádio do Dragão and it's the blue and white home – and so playing at Besiktas Park (for matchday five of group G of the UEFA Champions League this Tuesday , at 17h00, mainland Portugal) will not be intimidating. At the press conference aimed at previewing the match, Sérgio Conceição didn’t reveal the strategy, but assured that a “different response”, in comparison to the first matchday (1-3), at Estádio do Dragão, will be given.

The difficulties
“The only result that can give us the possibility of qualifying to the next stage tomorrow, depending on the other match of the group, is a victory. We are aiming for it, knowing in advance that the opponent has yet to be defeated in the group stage and that this might be the best Besiktas of the last few years. It’s an experienced team, which is always important in this competition, added to a lot of individual and collective quality. We know of these difficulties and what it is like to play against this team, in their stadium. I'm not much of a numbers man, but I think that, in 38 matches here, they only lost one, which shows the strength and the involvement of the fans with their team.”

The setting at the stadium
“Personally I like hot settings. We are used to it, not every 15 days, but almost, as our setting at home also limits the opponents severely. That is part of our profession, we have to live with it. I prefer to play in a full stadium, even if it's screaming for the opponent, rather than in an empty one.”

The lesson taken from matchday one
“We don’t need a recovery like the one on Friday to motivate us, we have to be motivated to look for that kind of result. We must be prepared to not concede goals, we don’t want to suffer and then be forced to correct what was wrong. I’ve said for a while now that it is easy to know the opponent, individually and as a team; but, obviously, the match can go in either direction, but that’s football. We don’t need to remember the match at home, for the first matchday, to give a different response, which I'm sure we will give.”

Key points for the match
“Being strong in the defence, as that’s the basis for success, and knowing the ability of the opponent and the moments of the match when we can cause difficulties. Then, despite some limitations in the offence, we want to attack and do so with danger. The goals we score and don’t concede have to do with the general dynamics of the whole team.”

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