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​​Sérgio Conceição: “The biggest motivation is to play for FC Porto”

Coach assured FC Porto will be true to its image and committed to give the proper response after the first leg

According to Sérgio Conceição, his team will not lack motivation to face the second leg of the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League, against Liverpool, this Tuesday (19h45), at Anfield Road, after the 5-0 defeat for the first leg.

At the preview of the match, the blue and white coach assured everyone’s motivation is simply to play for FC Porto in a match as important as the Round of 16 of the Champions League, and the objective is to make it clear that the difference between the two teams is not what the first leg showed.

Balance as a way to success
“The search for goal is almost always done in a balanced way. The championship shows we have the best defence and the best attack and truth is that we cannot separate the defence from the attack. Tomorrow, we need to be a consistent and balanced team, as we always are. We can’t go in afraid of conceding. I don’t believe this unbalance is real; Liverpool was extremely efficient and we, in key moments, failed. Obviously, we want to show something different. As you know, the details in these matches may be decisive.”

No fear of pressure and defend the “best in Portugal”
“We like pressure. Pressure and demand are normal in this house. It’s part of life in a club with ambition. It doesn’t condition us. It’s never an advantage to not be under pressure, especially because we are defending the history of the best club in Portugal. Pressure is always good.”

The management of the team is to think of tomorrow’s match
“We don’t look that much ahead. We think match by match. We need to pay attention to the moment of the team and in the season. But that moment isn’t two weeks from now. The moment is to think of tomorrow’s match. We are in a moment of decisions and, from now on, all matches will be decisive. Obviously, I have to look at the clinical report and at the fatigue level in some players and choose the team that gives me the best guarantees and that can be the most competitive for this match. We can’t forget that these matches are physically demanding.”

The objective of winning the championship and Waris a candidate to the starting team
“I believe everyone knows what our main objective is: the championship. As for the team I will be sending in, I don’t usually reveal it and I won’t do it now. First, I will tell that to the players, as always. We still have a couple of hours, there’s a training session next, and only after that will we decide on who plays from the start tomorrow.”

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