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Dragon Force school in Bogota made official

The ceremony was held in Olival, with the attendance of the chairman of FC Porto and players Jackson and Quintero

The existing protocol between FC Porto and the Colegio Gimnasio del Norte, in Bogota, for the opening of the first Dragon Force school outside of Portugal, was made official this Wednesday, at the Centro de Treinos e Formação Desportiva PortoGaia, in Olival. Chairman Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa and director Ricardo Pérez Arciniegas were there, with the latter challenging the former to build the “best football school in the world”.

“I am delighted to experience a magical moment such as this and that Columbia will have the opportunity to have the best college in the world. Not only because it is part of my heart and life, but also because we are at an international level and we are part of the International Baccalaureate Organization. We now join the best team in the world, training and educating youngsters, achieving important goals and allowing children to grow with values and the joy of football. FC Porto educates youngsters, not just as players, but also as human beings. I would like to express my joy that FC Porto chose us and we will reap many crops and smiles”, the director stated.

At the end of the ceremony, Jackson and Quintero joined Ricardo Pérez at the press conference room to honour him with a jersey with the number 1 and the word Bogota in the back. The players were praised by the director: “They are an example of setting goals and achieving them. We now have the goal of building the best football school in the world, seated in Bogota and managed by FC Porto”. The deal between both parties was settled for five years, for now.

Before that, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa had already explained why the Dragon Force chose Colombia to make its debut outside of the country: “It is easy to understand our bounds and only those that have been there, such as myself, realise how much FC Porto is loved in the country. We have two stars with us that we are hoping to see shining even brighter in the future, and you have to remember players like Guarín and Falcao, who evolved and made a huge contribution here. I can tell you that James Rodríguez called me on the day he signed for Real Madrid, and confessed he was going to the biggest club in the world, but his heart would always belong to FC Porto. That says plenty about the way we treat our players and Colombian players even more so. Being familiar with the way the college works, I am sure our partnership will be longer. We have other schools abroad, waiting to be made official, but we wanted the first one to be in Colombia”.

For further information, please contact Bernardo Uricoechea, in Dragon Force Bogota, through the number +5716683930. The institution – whose motto is “Learn to live” – has 37 years of experience, shares the main teaching values with the Dragon Force project and has excellent sporting conditions. That can be seen in their website or through the social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +. Two elements belonging to the FC Porto organization will be coordinating the Bogota project at full time.

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