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Make the difference this Christmas, plant your tree with us

One dragon, one tree: contribute to the cause at FC Porto Stores

“Our flame will give life to the forest” is the motto of the campaign that begins today, in which FC Porto will promote reforestation in this holiday season. It is a campaign with a strong message of inspiration, which encourages all fans to make the difference with a simple gesture: one dragon, one tree.

The campaign reveals the magic that the tree has for this time and symbolizes the values that Christmas brings every year. Its preservation takes us to the magical side that FC Porto dedicates to all those involved with us throughout the year. “Every year, we try to do something stronger, something that symbolizes the importance of this season to our fans. In FC Porto, Christmas is always special”, Hélder Gomes, Head of Branding of FC Porto, explained.

The promotional video features four coaches (Sérgio Conceição, Moncho López, Guillem Cabestany and Lars Walther) and four captains (Héctor Herrera, Miguel Queiroz, Hélder Nunes and Hugo Laurentino) decorating a Christmas tree. Coaches and players help decorate a tree that spreads its Christmas magic to Estádio do Dragão and Dragão Caixa.

“The coaches and the players felt a connection to the objectives we presented for the campaign and contributed immensely to the final result”, Hélder Gomes revealed. Promote the planting of a tree with a contribution of 3 euros, receiving as souvenir an exclusive gift that the Dragon Force students helped produce. The value will be delivered in full to Quercus, destined to the planting of trees (quercineas) in February and March, 2018.

“FC Porto aims at always leaving a positive message to its fans. The role the club plays in the community is extremely important and this responsibility means we have to contribute to a better future”, says Tiago Gouveia, Marketing Director of FC Porto.

The gift, a magnet with the logo of Estádio do Dragão, is based on the reuse of the carpet recently used at the gala Dragões de Ouro, and on other materials offered for free by FC Porto partners, as well as part of the production process. “Sustainability is something we work on in our day-to-day life and having the environmental and social aspect materialized in the campaign fills us with pride”, concludes Tiago Gouveia concluded.

Blue and white fans can contribute to the cause in FC Porto Stores: for every 3 euros a tree will be planted in an area affected by the fires. The value is aimed at the preparation of the land, the acquisition of trees, planting and vegetation control.

Make a difference and plant your tree with us. This Christmas, our flame will have a completely different goal: to give new life to the Portuguese forest. One dragon, one tree.

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