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Herrera determined to “get the three points”

Mexican international doesn’t know if he will face Monaco, but knows that the team will “go in with ambition”

Héctor Herrera admitted the bad start FC Porto had in the current edition of the UEFA Champions League. He did it bluntly and precisely in the same way that he stated he wants to take the three points home at the end of the second matchday of the group stage, which the Dragons will be playing in the early evening (19h45), on Tuesday, in Monaco.

During the press conference held late Monday afternoon, at Stade Louis II, the Mexican international did much more than just anticipating the match against Monaco: he talked of his respect for João Moutinho, spoke about the emotions caused by the earthquake in Mexico, and was even invited to recall the last time FC Porto faced a team from the French championship, in August 2014.

In Lille, in the first leg of the Champions League play-off, Herrera scored the only goal of the match, but the midfielder, who still doesn’t know if he will face Monaco, is much more concerned with winning than scoring.

In the starting team or not...
“Am I going to play or not? That's a question for the coach. I think the fact that I'm here doesn’t mean that I'm going to play because it could be any other player here. But if you want to know, you can ask the coach, he’s here.”

Respect for Moutinho
“When I got to Porto, I didn’t arrive thinking I would take João Moutinho's spot. I have a lot of respect for Moutinho, as a player and as a person, but I came to FC Porto thinking of my future and my dreams, not of taking the place of this or that player. I know he was an important player in FC Porto, as he is now in Monaco, but you have to think about your dreams and goals, which is what I have done so far.”

The team comes first
“It would be nice to play tomorrow and score a goal, but the most important thing is the team and the victory. I don’t worry that much about goals, but about the team doing well and being able to win.”

Strength for Mexico
“What happened in my country has created a very difficult and complicated situation. Nothing compares to being able to help in person, but we did the best we could. I think the team felt the pain of my people, and that we were able to send them our spirit and strength.”

“It's going to be a tricky match. We know we didn’t start well, with the defeat in the first matchday, but this is a different match, which we will enter with ambition and with the will to take the three points home.”

A matter of confidence
“If you don’t play, you don’t know if you're up to what the coach expects of you. Confidence is a key issue and a factor that has to be achieved. I always work 100 percent to be as good as possible when the coach calls me, but, in this group, everybody works like that, which leads to excellent internal competition.”

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