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​​“Demonstration of strength, character and personality”

Sérgio Conceição acknowledged that the corrections at halftime were fundamental. See the full press conference

At the end of the match opposing Boavista and FC Porto (0-3) this Saturday, Sérgio Conceição was a coach pleased with the result and partially pleased with the team's performance. The coach acknowledged that the players had some difficulties in the first-half, of their own fault, but also for what the opponent did, and considered that the halftime corrections were fundamental for the Dragons to leave matchday ten with the three points and the lead of the League.

“The players should be congratulated”, the coach stated, also complimenting the fans, who again made a massive appearance on the stands of Estádio do Bessa, in another sign of strong support for the team. See the full press conference of the coach in the video above.

The difficulties of the first-half
“It was a demonstration of strength, character and personality, because it’s never easy to play here. We faced a very similar team in duels, in fighting for the first and second balls and, in the first-half, we lacked some cohesion. Moreover, the way we were defending conditioned the way we were attacking - and we can’t disassociate those two components. It’s true that we had some difficulties in the first-half, but we also have to give credit to the opponent, who knew how to condition our inside plays, on a pitch with very tall grass, which made it difficult for us.”

Corrections at halftime were decisive
“The corrections that we made at halftime were fundamental for the three points. In the second-half, it was a match more worthy of our image, against a team that always gave a good response. We started pressing a little higher, conditioning the opponent, and the goals came naturally, always with a good response from Boavista. We achieved a very important result in a stadium where one of our rivals has already lost points.”

A word to the players and the fans
“I am very pleased with all the players in this match. There were some that couldn’t play today. We have a very competitive group, in which everyone has determination and desire to be play and this is healthy. I have to thank all those who didn’t play in the game today and another thank you to this Blue Sea that came here today to Bessa. These people and their passion are amazing, and so is the way they push us to victories.”

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