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Américo: “I gave everything I had for the club”

Former goalkeeper was distinguished with a Medal of Honour by the Parish council of São Paio de Oleiros

Américo Lopes, one of the best goalkeepers ever to play for FC Porto, was distinguished this Saturday with the Medal of Honour of the Parish Council of São Paio de Oleiros, a parish of Santa Maria da Feira, where the former Portuguese International has a medical clinic. The former goalkeeper admitted his happiness with the distinction and thanked the presence of FC Porto in the ceremony, as he feels he “gave everything for the club, but the club also gave” him plenty.

“I was flattered to receive this medal. It’s another one to add to the other medals and trophies I keep at home. And I am grateful to FC Porto for being here. I gave everything I had for the club, but the club also gave me plenty”, Américo stated, who was referred to as the “suicidal goalkeeper”, given his fearless approach to the plays.

“Chasing the ball like a cat chases a mouse” was one of the lines that made history to describe the former white and blue goalkeeper, where he arrived at the start of the decade 1950, to replace the mythical Barrigana. With incredible agility, excellent jump capacity and considerable aerial skill, Américo became national champion for FC Porto in 58/59, but would only take over the white and blue goal in 63/64, remaining in the starting team for five seasons, with excellent performances.

“Américo was a legend at FC Porto and the national team”, Joaquim Pinheiro stated, the vice-chairman of the white and blue club, who was also represented by Alípio Jorge. “To talk of Américo Ferreira Lopes is both easy and difficult. Easy because we are talking about a piece of history of FC Porto, and of a living legend. Difficult because he represents the best in human standards and is also a great fan of the club”, the vice-chairman concluded.

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