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Sérgio Conceição asks for a “much better” FC Porto than in Germany

Coach did the preview of Wednesday's match against Leipzig, for matchday four of Group G of the UEFA Champions League

The match from two weeks ago against Leipzig (2-3) is an important reference for both coaches for the one on Wednesday, at 19h45, at Estádio do Dragão. At the press conference to preview the match, Sérgio Conceição admitted that the performance will have to be far better for FC Porto to get the three points, that Danilo may have revealed too much strategic information, and finally reassured a Mexican journalist about the physical availability of Brahimi and Corona, which is complete.

The match in Germany
“We knew Leipzig, and they didn’t change their style for playing against us. We identified with them, we knew that they try to recover the ball as soon as the opponent starts creating plays, which led to a very strong pressure on our defensive line. We should have done more, we were prepared for it, but we made some individual and collective mistakes that hurt us. This aggressiveness and intensity is a characteristic of our team as well, and, in that regard, we must be the team we’ve always been on the pitch.”

The importance of the result in the Besiktas-Monaco match
“It's important that we win our match, and do our job. I think Besiktas, with one more point than us, will qualify; we have to move ahead of Leipzig and then we have the last two matches to move on to the next stage. The result will have its importance after a positive result we want to have tomorrow.”

Errors to be corrected
“Danilo talked of two or three points in our strategy for the match and I’m not sure that he didn’t talk too much [laughs]. We are aware of what we didn’t do, and also of the merit and quality of the team we’re facing. We don’t have to look at their history, we need to see what they are currently doing, individually and collectively. I think they or Bayern Munich will win the Bundesliga. Leipzig has proved to be one of the best teams in Europe, as the German championship is perhaps the most competitive in the world. Overall, we have to play a much better game than in Germany in order to win.”

The importance of starting on top
“Sometimes it's decisive. Leipzig’s coach probably remembers the match against Besiktas, when they didn’t start so well, while against us they went in naturally strong, as we have seen, as we also do. It’s important to go in eager to win each duel, as it may definitely be decisive for the rest of the match. Over the weekend, after being down to ten players, their coach admitted that he started thinking about the match against FC Porto, and some substitutions were made thinking of that. They are completely focused and give utmost importance to tomorrow’s result, just like us.”

Lack of options
“Just to show how limited we are, if we used the same team that played in Estádio do Bessa, we would only have Hernani available for the attack. Otávio and Soares are out, but this is not news. We have fewer solutions, but I blindly trust those available and it’s with them that we will fight, without finding any excuses.”

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