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Seven facts in a “hexa-year”

The six consecutive championships in handball and swimming and the Champions League performance are the 2014 highlights

In May 2014, the handball team added a never before seen feat to the history of Portuguese sports, winning the sixth consecutive national championship. That was the highlight of the white and blue year, but chose other facts that will be part of the 2014 history.

Fact 1 – An historic qualification in the UEFA Champions League
After assuring the 19th participation in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League – a feat shared only by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United –, FC Porto had an undefeated path in the six games played, becoming one of the few teams that have yet to lose in the competition. The qualification for the Round of 16 was achieved on the fourth game and the old Portuguese record for number of goals scored in that stage (12 goals) was beaten, a record that went back to 1996/97.

Fact 2 – The sixth consecutive title in handball

24th of May, the last fixture in Andebol 1, and a full Dragão Caixa. Two teams could become champions, but FC Porto was the only team depending only of themselves – a tie was enough to celebrate. Facing Benfica, the Dragons won 24-19 and became part of history in the competition, as the first six times champions of the sport in Portugal.

Fact 3 – Super in the Supercup

Six times champions, FC Porto also won their sixth Supercup in handball. On the 20th of December, at Pavilhão do Águas Santas, the white and blues beat Sporting, by 29-28. A nearly invisible save by Alfredo Quintana in a seven meters throw, on the last second of the match, allowed the Dragons to win the sixth Supercup in their history, becoming the most victorious club in the competition.

Fact 4 – Swimming all the way to six


The white and blue women’s swimming team also celebrated their sixth national championship, at the Piscina da Póvoa de Varzim. The white and blue swimmers dominated the National Club Championships and finished the competition 43 points ahead of the second place.

Fact 5 – Billiards made it to the heart of the Dragon

It was an old dream and it became real, when the year was almost over. Billiards, one of the oldest and most successful sports in the club, left the old rooms of Praça General Humberto Delgado and opened the Academy in the East section of Estádio do Dragão, where there was once a FC Porto Store. Right next to it, at Dragão Caixa, in September, Dutch player Dick Jaspers won the World Cup.

Fact 6 – Discovering Colombia
A successful project in Portugal, Dragon Force opened the first school abroad. In July, FC Porto and Colégio Gimnasio del Norte, in Bogota, signed a protocol that allowed the Dragons to expand their brand to Colombia, where the club is growing in popularity, thanks to the success of players such as Jackson Martínez and Quintero.

Fact 7 – First senior title for Dragon Force

FP2_8991 copy.jpg

The 9th of May was the day when Dragon Force won its first senior title. The feat was achieved by the basketball team that, on that day, won the Proliga, beating Illiabum (73-72) in Dragão Caixa, on the second game of the final.

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