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​​Maximum demand in the start of the Portuguese League

Dragons tart against ABC at home, but play in Madeira, Luz and Alvalade until the fifth matchday

This Friday afternoon, at the auditorium of Centro Cultural Casapiano, in Lisbon, the draw of the regular stage of the 2017/18 edition of the Portuguese Handball League 1 determined tat FC Porto will start the competition with an always difficult home match against ABC, in Dragão Caixa. The debut in the championship is scheduled for September 2.

The start of the championship is far from being an easy walk for the Dragons, at least in theory, as they will be visiting three of the hardest pavilions in the competition before matchday five. After the first match, there is an away match in Madeira, to face Madeira SAD (9/9), and then another away match, this time in Luz, to face Benfica (16/9).

The Dragons will then return home to face São Bernardo (23/9), before returning to Lisbon, this time to play in Alvalade, against Sorting (30/9).

The sequence is inverted in the second turn of the regular stage, which starts on December 6, when the blue and whites play at the home of ABC.

The regular stage of the competition, which includes a total of 14 teams, ends on March 10 next year, after 26 matchdays. Just like last year, the 2017/18 champion will be known after a final stage for which the first six of the regular stage will be qualified. These will play a “mini league”, starting with half the points they had in the regular stage. The champion will be the club with the most points in the end.

Calendar of the regular stage (provisional dates)
Matchdays 1 and 14: FC Porto-ABC (02/09 and 06/12)
Matchdays 2 and 15: Madeira SAD-FC Porto (9/9 and 09/12)
Matchdays 3 and 16: Benfica-FC Porto (16/09 and 13/12)
Matchdays 4 and 17: FC Porto-S.Bernardo (23/09 and 20/12)
Matchdays 5 and 18: Sporting-FC Porto (30/09 and 20/1)
Matchdays 6 and 19: FC Porto-Boa Hora (04/10 and 24/1)
Matchdays 7 and 20: ADA Maia-FC Porto (18/10 and 31/1)
Matchdays 8 and 21: FC Porto-Arsenal (1/11 and 03/2)
Matchdays 9 and 22: Águas Santas-FC Porto (4/11 and 10/2)
Matchdays 10 and 23: FC Porto-Avanca (11/11 and 17/2)
Matchdays 11 and 24: Belenenses-FC Porto (18/11 and 24/2)
Matchdays 12 and 25: FC Porto-Fafe (25/11 and 3/3)
Matchdays 13 and 26: FC Porto-Xico (2/12 and 10/3)

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