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​​Under-19 closer to the Round of 16 of the Youth League

FC Porto beat Leipzig at home, 3-2, and shares the lead of group G with Monaco

The FC Porto Under-19 team took another important step towards the Round of 16 of the Youth League, after defeating Leipzig 3-2 in a match played this Wednesday afternoon at Estádio Luís Filipe Menezes, in Olival. Paulo Estrela, from penalty, Junior Maleck and Madi Queta scored the goals for the blue and whites, who, with this result, are now up to nine points and share the lead of Group G with Monaco. In the next matchday, the fifth, the opponent is Besiktas, in Turkey (November 21, 12h00, mainland Portugal time).

The match at Estádio Luís Filipe Menezes started taking shape for the Dragons, who pretty much scored from the start, thanks to a penalty taken by Paulo Estrela, following the tackle of Minz on Diogo Bessa (4m). Moralized by the early advantage, the team led by João Brandão moved on to a first-half at a great level, but one that still lacked more goals on the scoreboard.

And there were many opportunities for goals, both before and after Junior Maleck scored the second goal of the match, close to halftime, after a brilliant offensive play (40m) - the young Mexican striker, who joined the Dragons this season, scored his second goal in the Youth League, his eighth this season, which makes him the top scorer of the Under-19 team.

Leipzig, who, until then, only bothered Diogo Costa from a set-piece, rarely attacked, but scored in the only opportunity they had in the first-half, with Hartmann heading the ball in just before the break (44m).

Halftime was good for the German team, as they went in for the second-half applying more pressure to reach the tie, which was close to happening on two occasions in the first minutes. The best period Leipzig had in the match, however, didn’t last long, as FC Porto resumed control of the match... and scored again: Madi Queta was the scorer of the third goal, following a shot of Junior Maleck (61m), pretty much sealing the winner. However, already in the stoppage time, Leipzig still managed to score again, through Kuhn (90+3m), bringing back some emotion to the match in the final minutes.

In the end, João Brandão considered the victory of the Dragons fair, only regretting the moments of the match in which the team “relaxed a little” and allowed the opponent to score two goals: “What matters are the three points. We are still alive in the competition and we have once again shown our individual and collective quality for most of the match.”


Youth League, Matchday 4, Group G
November 1, 2017
Estádio Luís Filipe Menezes, at the Centro de Treinos e Formação Desportiva PortoGaia

Attendance: 711

Referee: Robert Madley (England)
Assistants: Edward Smart and Adrian Holmes (England)
Fourth official: João Matos (Portugal)

FC PORTO: Diogo Costa; Diogo Dalot, Diogo Queirós, Cláudio Silva, Diogo Bessa, Paulo Estrela, Moreto Cassamá (cap.), Mateus Santos, Junior Maleck, Romário Baró and Madi Queta
Substitutions: Romário Baró for João Lameira (64m), Mateus Santos for João Mário (76m), Madi Queta for Afonso Sousa (80m)
Not used: Mário Évora, Pedro Justiniano, Fábio Vieira and Jorge Teixeira
Coach: João Brandão

LEIPZIG: Stahl; Yilmaz, Minz, Schlelenz, Kühn, Majestschak, Sterlin, Hartmann, Hopp, Fontaine and Schmidt
Substitutions: Schmidt for Abouchabaka (32m), Fontaine for Holm (61m), Majestschak for Duter (72m)
Not used: Eyrich; Böhmer and Born
Coach: Robert Klauβ

At halftime: 2-0
Scorers: Paulo Junior (4m, gp), Junior Maleck (40m), Hartmann (44m), Madi Queta (61m), Kuhn (90+3m)
Bookings: yellow card shown to Mateus Santos (24m), Majestschak (30m), Cláudio Silva (34m), Paulo Estrela (61m) and João Mário (90+1m)

FC Porto-Leipzig (Youth League, group G, matchday 4)
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