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Under19: Paulo Estrela wants a victory to reach the quarter finals

Dragons face Salzburg in the Round 16 of the UEFA Youth League (Wednesday, 13h00)

After beating Sporting Clube de Portugal (1-0) at the start of the final stage of the Campeonato Nacional de Juniores A, FC Porto's Under19 team will turn attention to the UEFA Youth League again. This Wednesday, the Dragons face Salzburg (13h00, Sport TV 1), in Olival, and Paulo Estrela guaranteed the team will remain true to its identity, even though they will be facing the champion in title. On his 19th anniversary day, the midfielder showed confidence in the qualification to the quarter finals.

Work, quality and strategy
“It was an important victory, but, just like the coach stated, at the end of the match, we don’t need to beat Sporting to be more confident. We are very confident in what we do, in our work, our quality, and our strategy for tomorrow's match.”

Play to win
“They have a lot of quality, and last season they managed to reach the final and win it. This shows their quality, but we trust our strategy and we count on the support of our fans. We will be fighting for the qualification to the quarter finals, and we will go in eager to win the match. We deeply believe in ourselves.”

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