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Sérgio Conceição: “We made mistakes that aren’t normal”

Coach admits that the lack of “defensive consistency” meant the defeat in Leipzig (3-2)

At the preview of Tuesday's match in Leipzig (3-2), for the UEFA Champions League, Sérgio Conceição stated that the defensive consistency would be key to get the three points. The coach admits that it was exactly that that failed in Germany, even if the team was warned about facing a very intense opponent. Read the main statements of the coach after the match, where he also explains the decision for José Sá in the starting team, and stresses that, before thinking of the home match against Leipzig, on November 1, the team needs to think of the match against Paços de Ferreira, this Saturday (20h30).

The reasons for the defeat
“It is a team with a great physical power, very intense and aggressive in the recovery of the ball. We made some mistakes on the defence that aren’t normal, even facing a team with these features, and that had a bitter taste in the first-half, although I believe that, when we did attack, we did it with some danger. Honestly, going back to the preparation of the match, we lacked that consistency on the defence to get a more comfortable performance and try to win the match.”

Lessons for the home match against Leipzig
“I'm here to analyse what was not well done, we know we have two matches at home now and one away in the Champions League. It’s a hard defeat for us, as we are not used to losing. We lost to a strong team, very solid, and one that played an essential match for their aspirations at home. But we still have some time before Leipzig, we’re going to rest now and think about the match against Paços de Ferreira, which is very important for us in the National Championship.”

José Sá from the start and Casillas on the bench
“I thought the best team was the one that started. It's up to me to choose the team, the seven that stay on the bench, and, unfortunately I had to leave three players out. We’ll see what it is like in the future, today was like this, the matches are different. It was a technical option, I’m the coach, I have to decide, and I don’t mind the fuss if I decide in consciousness.”

Apologies to the fans at the stadium
“I have to apologize and thank the fans that came to support us. When I went to greet the players, I was already analysing the matched and completely forgot, I went to the locker room without thinking, without thanking for the support of the fans. I got there and that’s when I thought about this situation, which is not normal in me.”

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