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Pinto da Costa: “Award is recognition of quality”

The Associação Portuguesa de Museologia visited the Museum, which had been awarded for its innovation and creativity

On the only day of the week that it is closed to the audience, the FC Porto Museum exceptionally opened its doors this Monday to welcome the entourage of the Associação Portuguesa de Museologia (APOM), led by the chairman of the board João Neto. The visit ended at the Museum Caffé, for a lunch that counted on the participation of Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa. It was an official visit from APOM, but it wasn’t the first, as that one was anonymous and was the foundation for the award for Innovation and Creativity, concerning the National Awards for Museums, handed each year by the association.

“It is recognition of quality for our Museum and we are extremely pleased, not just for the interest shown with this visit from APOM, who praised the project. To us, it’s a reason for happiness and to keep improving, with new projects associated with the Museum”, the white and blue chairman stated, talking to and Porto Canal.

Pinto da Costa has no problems in admitting how proud he is of the project, as it is exactly what he imagined, seeing it perfectly represents the white and blue soul. “That’s the feeling on everyone’s heart after visiting. A few days ago, a friend of mine, who lives in Guimarães and is a fan of Vitória, told me that, after visiting the Museum, you may not become a fan of the club, but you are certainly not indifferent to it, and that the passion behind the concept is obvious. Fortunately, we succeeded in what we intended”.

Accompanied by vice-chairman, Pedro Inácio, and by the chairman of the North delegation, Maria da Luz Sampaio, the leader of the board of APOM stated that “few” museums are capable of being recognized for its innovation and creativity. “What surprised us the most, apart from the use of new technologies, was the soul put on display. The museums for clubs may be trophy holders, but they can represent their soul as well, their history. And, for us, it was extremely important to confirm this is the case with the FC Porto Museum”, João Neto explained, “proud” of the respect for history that FC Porto shows in its museum.

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