FC Porto beat Boavista with a goal scored in stoppage time

Sérgio Conceição was sent-off during the match against Boavista (1-0). As such, he didn’t talk in the flash interview. Vítor Bruno, assistant coach who celebrated his 36th anniversary this Sunday, talked on behalf of the group and praised the response capacity of the Dragons in the derby of Porto.

Entirely fair victory
“It was a hard victory, against an opponent that has merit, and puts in intensity in every moment of the match. It’s a victory that seems entirely fair to me given the amount of situations we created."

Tremendous belief
“Each player believes until the end, there is tremendous belief. I’m not sure if it is a first or a second family, but it surely is a family.”

Intensity after the match for the Champions League
“There isn’t first or second rate for us. Just look at Tiquinho. He fully accepted his role tonight. He helped in the goal, he works for the team in a fantastic way. Tonight, we showed great intensity, after a match fir the Champions League. This is the response of the great champions.”

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