Fernando Andrade signed for FC Porto until June 30, 2023

Fernando Andrade signed for FC Porto until June 30, 2023. The Brazilian forward arrives from Santa Clara and signed a contract valid for four and a half seasons, now wearing the number 37 of the blue and whites.

After playing his last match for Santa Clara on Wednesday, Fernando Andrade joined the rest of the squad on Friday. 25, the player born in São Paulo reaches the highest point in his career, after playing for São Caetano, Vissel Kobe, Guarani, Rio Branco, Oriental, Penafiel and Santa Clara.

Playing as second striker or winger, the Brazilian scored 19 goals in 57 matches playing for the team from Azores. FC Porto is next, an old wish of Fernando Andrade, who arrived in Portugal in 2015.

A dream come true
“From the moment I arrived in Portugal, I told those closest to me that I wanted to play for FC Porto, and this was three and a half years ago. I finally have that opportunity and this is a dream come true. I am very happy. From the moment I gave my word to the chairman, I had no doubts.”

An old wish
“When I was still in Brazil, I already followed FC Porto. I remember seeing Carlos Alberto become European champion in the team led by José Mourinho. I was never close to him, but we have friends in common, and I remember watching him play for FC Porto when I was younger. That desire to play here, that connection to FC Porto, comes from back then, it’s not recent.”

The biggest challenge in his career
“The fans can expect me to give everything. I am a player that always does his best. I always gave everything in the clubs I played for. This is a big opportunity, I am looking at this challenge as the biggest in my life, and I hope to enjoy it. I will do everything to be happy here.”

Fight for opportunities
“I know I can fit in well in the tactic used by FC Porto as I watch every match. I will try to find my space, and, when I have the opportunity, I will grab it in the best possible way. It is a new challenge for me, it won’t be easy, but I have the advantage of living in Portugal for three years now and I know Portuguese football well.”

Message to the fans?
“Message? I prefer to show something on the pitch. What FC Porto had to do, the club did it for me. Now it’s my turn and I want to repay the warmth of the people at the club.”    

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