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FC Porto and Soccer Inter-Action have reinforced their partnership, guaranteeing Dragon Force’s presence in Enguera until 2024

After two years and a half, FC Porto takes much pride in Dragon Force Valencia – both from what it has been building as well as for what is has been conquering. The big challenge began by building, from scratch, a structure that expresses the values, the identity and the Dragon Force methodology. In a state of the art facility – Soccer Inter-Action –, which guarantees right from the start the perfect environment for the development of an excellent work, the school has a strong bet in the selection and training of human resources that are coordinated by the FC Porto coordinators (that live permanently in Valencia since 2016). The Spanish coaches have also periodical visits to Porto, where they receive valuable learning experiences. All of this has made a big difference.

The good results of this partnership are unequivocal: over 300 students (between 4 and 19 years old) and seven league promotions in two years, which means that Dragon Force Valencia is closer to competing in the highest level in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, which has over 5 million inhabitants and 100 thousand federated players. The performance in national and international tournaments is also important to emphasize, pointing out the winning of the International Tournament of Mallorca, in U-19, in 2017.

The quality that is presented by the teams in the project, transversally, is supported by quality players that are being trained by FC Porto coaches.

Several of these players have had the opportunity to train and to be assessed in Portugal, being integrated in different elite teams of FC Porto youth department, from under-12 to the B team.

Many successes for such a young project that has now five more years to achieve new conquests.

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