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Pepe talked to Porto Canal at the start of the second week of the pre-season

Pepe, one of the most experienced players in the squad, talked to Porto Canal at the start of the second week of the pre-season. The Portuguese international assured that the Dragons are working at the top of their strength to be at a good level once the first official matches start.

After the morning training in Olival, the blue and white squad was visited by about 150 children from the Dragon Force summer camps. Pepe admitted to the importance of contacting the youngest and revealed a situation with Tomás Esteves, 17 years old right fullback that is working with the main squad.

Contact with the youngest
“Being in touch with them is always good, as it shows them their path, their future. I can tell you a story: I was talking to Tomás Esteves today, because, to my surprise, it seems I gave him my shirt after a match for the national squad in Braga. He says that it was one of the highlight in his life and I’m happy to have that contact with Tomás. It’s always nice to be with the youngsters, they are the future of the club and I hope that they will be as successful as our Tomás.”

Working hard in the pre-season
“We are working hard. Just as the club demands, we are working hard: with dedication, soul and ambition. That’s what we want, keeping in mind the season and our opponents, so we can have a good year and recover the titles we deserve.  

Giving everything to celebrate in the end
“What truly matters is to know the importance we have and the importance of winning the competitions we sign up for, as FC Porto has to win. We will give our best, everything we have, to get positive results which will to great success in the day.”

His thoughts on newcomers
“What was passed on to me when I got to FC Porto was the determination. It was something I could use throughout my career and that is something I will always try to pass, just as FC Porto did to me right from the start. I believe we have a bright future ahead and I hope that we can celebrate in the end.”

The youngsters that work with the squad
“What matters is that our coach is giving them this opportunity to show themselves. They are working well, we all know they have quality, but now they need to adjust to the main squad. They know what it means to play for FC Porto and I hope they can all help us throughout the year, which will be fantastic.”

Message for the FC Porto fans
“We will fight for it, honour this shirt, fight for it, for us, for our families, for those inside me. That’s what I promise: a lot of work, determination and ambition. We are all together.”

Recovering from the injury
“I pretty much couldn’t move for three weeks, but now I feel better, I feel well. I was able to set contact with the jangle and I’m happy. Little by little, I’ recovering to be at my best level and to help my teammates and club.”

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