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Sérgio Conceição was displeased with the defeat in Barcelos, 2-1, in the official debut of the 2019/2020 Liga NOS, but is focused on the next challenges

FC Porto lost 2-1 in Barcelos, for matchday 1 of the 2019/2020 edition of Liga NOS, which displeases Sérgio Conceição. Still, the blue and white coach believes now is the time to look at the bad things, while remaining confident in the future.

Not efficient in the attack
“It wasn’t a good match for us, we weren’t inspired. We had good chances in the first-half, but failed to score and our opponent did it on the first attempt. Gil Vicente was focused on counter-attacking quickly, and we were prepared for that. In the second-half, we had another great opportunity, but we missed it. There was also a questionable play that I haven’t watched again. I tried defending with only three men, and we tried everything, but we couldn’t score. We lost a match and we need to focus on Krasnodar now, start preparing that. We won’t forget what happened, we will analyse the bad things and correct them. We lost this match together, but we will win many more.”

Correcting mistakes
“Gil Vicente dropped back after the goal. We sent in another striker, but we couldn’t find the way. We’re not really used to this type of situation. We weren’t efficient on the attack, and, had we scored the great goal situations we created before they scored, this could have ended 4-1. We need to check what failed.”

Deep knowledge of the opponent
“We watched pretty much all friendlies that Gil Vicente played and also their presentation match. We didn’t lose today because we didn’t know them. We all failed, including me.”

“Soares didn’t score today, but he did it often before, and he will score many more goals. It wasn’t a bad day for Soares, it was a bad day for the team and me.”

“We wanted to have Danilo, obviously, but he is conditioned, recovering from muscle fatigue.”

“Nakajima is in a process of adaptation, but he is a great player and will have his time. Considering the principles of the team, I felt that he shouldn’t play so far, but we will look at it in the future, maybe even against Krasnodar.”

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