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Sergio Conceição does not believe the defeat in Germany sealed the round

FC Porto lost, 2-1, in Leverkusen, but Sérgio Conceição believes that the round is far from closed. The goal scored by Luis Díaz allows the Dragons to aim for a turnaround, and the blue and white coach voiced that belief. The blue and white coach, who had never seen a penalty kick repeated for today’s reasons, also stated that FC Porto’s performance in the second-half was better than in the first.

“We have the match at Estádio do Dragão to change the result”
“The match didn’t have many clear scoring opportunities, we were relatively well-organised on the defence in the first-half. I felt that their defensive midfielder was playing somewhat at ease and then they started their attacks, either deep or wide, and it was from there that they created some difficulties. We corrected that, I switched Corona to the middle, to stop that midfielder from moving up. I think the team improved. It’s true that we should have held the ball more, in the first-half. In the second-half, we had a different dynamic in terms of offensive process. We had some situations in the last third where we could have scored, other times I felt a foul should have been given... and, in fact, our goal came from a free kick, where we are quite dangerous. Either way, in terms of offensive dynamic, (in the second-half) we were much better, we held the ball, we managed to better exploit what we had worked on, but unfortunately we couldn’t score more goals. We have the next game at home to correct this result.”

“I don’t remember seeing a penalty being repeated for this”
“We started the second-half well, they hadn’t reached our goal yet. A penalty that was started with a long ball, a bad approach and the penalty was flagged there. Then it’s repeated, a little bit of everything happened there... I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, I don’t know if it’s because Marchesín wasn’t on the line, I’m not sure if it was the striker, the penalty taker, that stopped before shooting, and whether that’s allowed or not. I don’t remember a penalty being repeated for this. I don’t know, I won’t say anything else because I haven’t seen the replay yet. What really matters now is to point out that the team had personality, character, and that we managed to score. On one occasion or another, had we been luckier and more effective, we could be going home with a different result.”

“Our midfielders showed a lot of will”
“It wasn’t a matter of defending, it was a matter of stabilizing the midfield. There was a lot of will in our midfielders, I felt it was important to give some stability to the centre. Danilo went in, we reversed the triangle, we played with more men in the midfield, moving Nakajima to the left and having Marega on the right. In other words, we were still very offensive, and, in fact, our midfielders, Matheus and Sérgio, moving up to press higher. Our intention was the same, but mainly we had to stabilize the midfield.”

“Qualification still open"
The qualification is open, I remember the play-off against Roma in the Champions League. We lost 2-1, in a difficult setting, but we’ll give everything to win the round. We can’t forget the value of this team, who came from the Champions League, where they had very interesting results against Atlético Madrid, and had an excellent performance against Juventus. In other words, we’re talking about a team that’s used to being in the Champions League. So, it was a balanced match: in the first-half Bayer was better, but the second belonged to us.”

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