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FC Porto is alone in the lead of the championship, after beating Boavista (4-0), at Estádio do Dragão

FC Porto beat Boavista (4-0), at Estádio do Dragão, and is the leader of Liga NOS, with 67 points, three more than Benfica, second. After the derby at Porto, for matchday 28, during the night of “São João”, Sérgio Conceição praised the blue and white competence in terms of finishing and the third consecutive match without conceding goals for the Dragons. The fight for the title, according to the coach, will be until the end.

The summary of the match
“We knew we would face a complicated opponent. In the last matches, Boavista had a great behaviour in terms of consistency and game quality. This was a match where we had to be competent in the attack, and finish any opportunity. Comparing the data after the return of the league, we are better in everything, except in terms of finishing. Tonight, we were competent, scored four goals, and created enough opportunities to score more. Tonight’s victory belongs to the group.”

Team spirit made the difference
“It was important to calm the players. I knew that, if we did what we discussed during the break, we would be able to score. It was important to keep the defensive cohesion, and this was the third consecutive without conceding. I changed the structure of the team after the break, but all those that went in were important for the excellent second-half we played. The spirit of the group is fantastic and they showed that tonight, not just those on the bench, but also those that weren’t called, who showed up at the hotel by surprise. That shows the solidarity and the union we have.”

“Great desire” to keep the lead
“My posture is always the same, with or without audience. I love football, and I enjoy living intensely every moment of my job, but this setting is strange and difficult for everyone.  Everything is new for us. No one here was terrible before and is great now. We have to be honest right now, and realise that it will be a difficult championship until the end. There are six matches left, but we are in the fight and eager to reach our objectives.”

Fight until the end
“We have to count on ourselves as a team and prepare our matches, always understanding what the opponent may do or change, as teams usually change their structure against us. We need to work on what we can control. The mind is very important right now. As the championship is approaching the end, teams are feeling that pressure, no matter what their objectives are. It will be a fight until the end.”

Tomás Esteves and the others
“Tomás is a 17 years old youngster, who is walking his path. Every day, he tries to understand what we want and these matches are important for his growth and training. Pepe, who is 37, still has things to correct, but that is part of our daily work. FC Porto is fine in terms of youngsters that are in the main squad. It seems like that it’s mandatory to have players from the youth teams, but I don’t think like that. Training sessions are done behind closed doors and people don’t see what players do. Those training every day with them are the ones that know what the best team is, and what the team needs to do for any match. The players have to deserve to play and everyone works for that.”

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