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Thanks to a fantastic second-half, FC Porto beat Boavista, 5-0, with goals scored by Tecatito Corona, Sérgio Oliveira, Marega (2) and Luis Díaz

This Saturday, FC Porto beat Boavista, 5-0, at Estádio do Bessa, for matchday 2 of the championship. The null reached halftime, but everything changed in the second-half: Tecatito Corona (47m), Sérgio Oliveira (59m), Marega (67m and 71m) and Luis Díaz (90m+2) scored for the national champions, achieving the second consecutive victory in two matches.

The 141st derby in the city of FC Porto and Boavista started with the usual intensity, but the rain that hit Porto, especially during the evening, was relentless on the players. Four minutes in, Marega built the entire play on his own and passed to Sérgio Oliveira in the area, but the midfielder wasn’t as successful as intended. The good start for the national champions didn’t end in a goal only because Matheus Uribe, receiving the pass from Sérgio Oliveira, hit the post, with Léo Jardim helpless as the ball moved towards the goal (12m).

The first attacking play for Boavista came shortly after that, but the play led by Paulinho ended calmly in Marchesín’s hands (18m). And that was it for noteworthy plays for the home team in the first-half, but it should be said that FC Porto didn’t create real danger again before the break. In spite of the better match the blue and whites were having, the tie remained until halftime, and the break was good for the Dragons. Two minutes into the second-half, FC Porto moved ahead of the scoreboard: Danilo recovered the ball, passed to Otávio and the Brazilian pushed it forward to Corona, who won space in the area and shot with his left foot, giving no chances to Léo Jardim (47m).

Excellent attacking play from the national champions, finished in style by the Mexican star. The strong resume of the match for FC Porto would be materialized again before the hour mark: in a direct free-kick just outside the area, Sérgio Oliveira had his shot deflected by the wall and increased the advantage to 2-0, reducing the anxiety in the blue and white team (59m). The excellent second-half FC Porto had didn’t end here and Marega also scored, twice. For the first goal, scored with class, he received a great pass from Sérgio Oliveira (67m), but the second goal came from a great play that left the Malian forward in front of Léo Jardim.

Sérgio Oliveira took a free-kick deep in the offensive midfield, Otávio crossed to the area, and Corona offered the second goal to Marega (71m). A fantastic moment for the national champions, which must be seen time and again, as it clearly shows the work done every day in Olival. The Malian forward actually wasted the opportunity to score his hat-trick facing Léo Jardim (87m), but the Brazilian goalkeeper was helpless against Luis Díaz, who made it 5-0 in stoppage time (90m+2). With a truly demolishing second-half, worthy of a champion, FC Porto gave another tremendous display of strength, remaining 100% victorious in this edition of the League.

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