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Sérgio Conceição praised FC Porto’s posture after the victory over Sintrense (5-0), in the third round of the Portuguese Cup

FC Porto qualified for the fourth round of the Portuguese Cup after beating Sintrense (5-0), in Massamá, and Sérgio Conceição praised how the Dragons were “very competent” in the balance they had throughout the match. The blue and white coach stated that “it’s not easy to play against teams from lower divisions”, but the blue and whites gave no chances to Sintrense to dream of a surprise.

Competence and seriousness
“We were competent, as we should be. It’s not easy to play against teams from lower divisions, because they also have technical teams that prepare and organize them well. Nowadays, there are no easy matches, but we were very competent in the balance we had. Sintrense organized well, filled the spaces well, and fought bravely, which adds value to our performance and our victory. We had an obligation to win, with more or less difficulty, but congratulations to the players for the seriousness they had in the match.”

Everything comes from daily work
“The responses I want and the opportunities that keep appearing depend on the daily work of the players. They don’t play to gain confidence, they train to gain confidence to play. There are matches that go well and others that go not so well. Today there were moments where the players showed great technique, but that’s not what stands out in these matches, it’s the seriousness and the commitment with which we play. With more or less quality, we did well and tried to hurt the opponent in various ways.”

The substitutions
“I replaced Wendell because he felt pain during the first-half, but we thought it was important for him to play, as he didn’t have much playing time recently at his previous club. I replaced Sérgio Oliveira because I had to change the midfield and get the same quality in terms of passing, that’s why Vítor Ferreira went in. These were options with this match in mind, with a comfortable result that allowed me to do that management better.”

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