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Sérgio Conceição has no doubts that FC Porto was a fair winner in the 2-1 victory over Vitória de Guimarães

In the 40th consecutive match without losing in the league for FC Porto, the blue and whites beat Vitória de Guimarães (2-1), at Estádio do Dragão, and are back in the lead of the competition, with the same 32 points, tied with Sporting. At the end of the match, Sérgio Conceição sent a special hug to Vítor Santos, the bus driver for the team, who is going through a difficult personal moment, and praised the behaviour of the team on the pitch, regretting only the lack of efficiency in the many chances created: “We created a lot of goal situations and that makes me really pleased, but we are still not very effective”.

The resume of the match
“I was expecting some natural difficulties against a team with players that can shift momentum, led by an equally capable coaching team. We were prepared for this match, we started well and created some situations that could have been finished in a different way. We created a lot of chances and that makes me really happy, but we’re still not very effective. Then came the penalty kick, we conceded the goal, but we never got too nervous and we went looking for the tie, which came shortly after. We could have also made it 2-1, but we were a few centimetres away from going to the break with a deserved lead. We went for the second-half confident and continued to create chances, even before their red card. What Vitória de Guimarães did in the match gives even more value to our three points. They were playing without fear and aimed at winning. It was certainly not one of our best matches, but it was still a good match and a deserved win for us.”

Too many chances, not enough effectiveness
“Before their goal, we had already created three or four situations. We were confident that, if we continued with that dynamic, we would be able to score goals. We created a lot, but again we missed chances where we could have and should have scored. We weren’t so good in reacting to losing the ball and that sometimes left us open to quick attacks from the opponent. Overall, it was a good match, congratulations to the players. Another victory and another battle won.”

The substitution of Sérgio Oliveira for Vítor Ferreira at halftime
“It was mostly for the yellow card, but also because we needed to hold the ball more, we needed our midfielders to pick up the match more.”

Mehdi Taremi’s selflessness and selfishness
“It’s normal to have some anxiety. In the last match he had occasions to shoot for goal and he passed, today he shot when he should have passed. Sometimes, he chooses to pass when he should be selfish, other times he is selfish when he should pass. The good thing about our offensive dynamic is the amount of times we get to the area and the various ways we do it. We have quality, but you have to add the other ingredients.”

40 consecutive matchdays without losing in the championship
“We don’t celebrate victories, we celebrate titles. It was an important victory to achieve our objective, which is the championship.”

A victory with a special dedication
“I want to send Vítor Santos and all his family a big hug from our group. We are and will be with them. A heartfelt hug from us.”

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